It's official I can move on!

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Okay,I promise this is the last sad love sappy poems for a little bit!

Submitted: December 10, 2012

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Submitted: December 10, 2012



If I have ever doubted Karma before I believe it now!

I have always told you when we were fighting you would get served

And some great news today confirmed it!

You won't be hurting a girl for a long time!

Hopefully you have finally learned your lesson!

Since you're locked behind bars and everything

But you're mommy is going to get you out probably

But still maybe you have learned your lesson!

I'm just glad I wasn't that girl

As for me? I'm smiling, I'm all bubbly

Things are finally starting to look up for me

I'm going to start doing some changes for myself

And I'm not going to let people like you get me down

I still can't believe that happened!

I wish I could go see you in there just to tell you I told you so!

I know that is bad and all but you hurt me bad.

Payback is a you know what!

And Karma just served you a huge dish!

I'm sorry that this has happened

But I knew something like this would happen one day! 

I can finally get you off my mind!

Out of my dreams!

Because I'm FREE!!!

You have broken the spell!!

I don't need you! 

I don't need any guy to make me happy!

Thank you! 

You have given me my life back!! 

Good luck to you!!!


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