Love. Lies. Cheater. That's what you are.

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I'm not really sure why I'm writing this. I just feel like something like this.

Submitted: December 06, 2012

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Submitted: December 06, 2012



We are no longer together.

We will never ever be getting back together.
That would be a proven fact.

I deserve so much better than you.

I won't be dwelling on the past.

Yeah I made mistakes with you.

You used me, you played me.

You treated me like I was some type of toy.

Not a human being with feelings.

You never really cared, you never loved me.

I was just another piece in your games.

You were waiting to find something better.

I wasn't pretty enough for you.

I wasn't skinny enough for you.

I wasn't slutty enough for you.

I wasn't good enough to be your it girl.

I was good enough to be your girl on the side.

You never really listened to me.

You acted like I was the one and only.

Until you saw a better choice.

Then I was tossed away like a broken toy.

You were number one in my life, while clearly I wasn't in your top five.

I wasn't important enough, I was useless half the time.

Yet baby we will get married, we will have a life together.

Yeah right, I was stupid to believe it.

I believed all of your lies like that.

How blind was I?
Now I could care less about you.

You went from being all I could think about

To a memory I'm trying to forget about.

You killed a lot of music tastes for me

My favorite movie I can't watch without wanting to hurt you.

I have anger, sadness bottled up from how you did me.

I want to tell you off so bad.

I want to hurt you like you hurt me.

But then I realize I'm better than that.

You always say no matter what you will always come back to me.

That door has closed a long time ago.

I'm trying to push you out of my life.

Out of my mind and dreams

You are just a piece of work.

I won't be your little side girl, not when I can be somebody's it girl.

I am perfect for somebody out there

Clearly I'm not the one for you and you aren't the one for me.

I can delete you off of everything and maybe even my mind.

I can find someone better.

I can focus on my life.

I can do something for me for a change.

I don't have to worry about some jerk.

Karma will come to you.

Karma will serve you a nice huge helping.

I'm not the only girl who hates your guts.

But I'm that one ex that you will regret losing.

The only one who put up with your B.S and now I'm gone.

I'm not one of those exes that will come back.

Once you're out of my life you are out of my life for good.

Once a cheater always a cheater and I know you won't change.

I have changed. I'm not that low to go back.

I'm moving on finally.

Each day I will get a little bit stronger.

One day I won't even think about you, not even out of anger.

Because you aren't worth my time, my thoughts, my feelings ,or tears.

I'm numb with all of your games.

I'm just numb. I'm done.

I'm finally done.


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