Okay so this is the last poem ever!

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Last poem ever or for awhile. Yeah I'm done. So I hope you enjoy it.

Submitted: November 18, 2010

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Submitted: November 18, 2010



As I’m sitting here staring at the screen With tears running down my face I finally know what I need to do And that is lay my pen down and quit No more writing pieces

No more getting drama or stress out by writing No more writing stories because I’m bored Because I’m done with writing Writing doesn’t help anymore Writing isn’t who I am anymore

Writing is going good-bye Forgot about my goals and dream They’re useless just like everything else So I’m giving up & giving in This is my final piece of writing

Never again will I write Okay for school but that is it Not for pleasure or for fun Because writing isn’t fun anymore It use to be but not anymore

It use to be my own little world My way to escape reality and my problems Now it just create more problems and doesn’t help So I’m done with writing Writing use to be a part of me

Now it’s my whole life And it shouldn’t be that way Because it isn’t right My writing suck So why keep suffering people?

Easy I’m closing my notebooks I’m closing my mind to writing I’m giving up my pen Also my paper That’s it I’m done!

I won’t write no more! Nothing will change how I feel right now Sure you won’t understand But this is what I want to do So I’m doing this so good-bye stories, essays, and poems!

Writing isn’t the same anymore I lost the love for it I’ve been putting it off But now is when I really need to do it So here I go I quit writing!

Why keep writing when my work suck? Easy it’s pointless I’m just wasting my time I will never go no where with it I’m just a girl with a stupid dream of one day being a writer

Silly dream huh? Yeah I know it will never work So that’s why I’m done My pen is down now and my notebook is closed So long writing! Audios!

I need time to think I need time to find myself And this isn’t it There is no way I will get into colleges for my writing anyways So I’m gone like the wind now

I might be back I don't know yet Just don't hold your breath Because I might enjoy not writing I can't lean on writing forever and I'm not going to anymore

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