Rainy days & a sad girl

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I can't expalin it. I just write it, without a summary in my mind. Hoep you like it :)

Submitted: November 14, 2009

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Submitted: November 14, 2009



The rain hits the window with a beat
Itmakes everything seem depressing.
My mind is going off toits own little world
Rainy days always suck,
But today is even worse.
My heart is broken into a million pieces.
I keep replaying that screen over again in my mind.
I can’t put the pieces back together;
I’m useless and hopeless.
Why would this happen to me?
No answers come to my mind.
So I stare out my rain streaked window
With my tear streaked face.
I’m going numb.
How could I let this happen to me?
Nobody believes me when I say it,
So why should I bring it up?
It would only get worse...
Maybe I should give up,
Give in….
But then what kind of person would I be?
Someone who is brain washed?
I’m not going down that road!
So I will fight until I’m weakened.
I’m not giving up on myself!
I go into my blank mood
I block everyone and everything out now.
I shouldn’t have to live like this!
I shouldn’t let him get to me!
I’m not going to anymore!
The rain is still hitting the window with the same beat as always
Everything outside is gray and lifeless
But not me, I’m finally gonna fight back
No more giving in anymore
I’ma fighter... and a believer!

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