This girl is a writer who is writing her ninth unique poem!

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Okay so remember my random series of poems? well this is #9 out of 10! hope you enjoy it!

Submitted: January 10, 2011

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Submitted: January 10, 2011



I’m writing another random poem! People may not read it but oh well! Nine out of ten this is! So close yet so far away! I have an amazing boyfriend! Amazing friends! And family! Who doesn’t? I love my life right now Yet how long will that last? My favorite color is orange! I love the author Nicholas Sparks! He’s awesome And so are you! I love cats! Right now we have six in the house! Only three is mine! Two kittens and one grown up cat! One kitten will be a year in March! Isn’t life grand? Oh yes it is! Nothing could possibly go wrong! Or can it? Who even cares? It’s nice to be in the high 70’s in January! Last year it was cold! Could be because I was in North Carolina And now I’m in Florida! Oh how Florida is sunny! Only half the time that is! Sophomore I am! Country music lover also! Gassy kitties are the worse! We still have two dogs! And now I’m almost done! I hope this is random enough for you! Pickles are amazing! Now is that random? Should have been! I love, love my life! Right now that is! I’m sure it won’t last!

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