This girl is a writer who is writing her second unique poem!

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lets see, I love writing the first one. so this is the second random poem, tell me if u like it, and if u want a thrid one. plz. btw this is some funny stuff, but I do write other stuff!

Submitted: October 13, 2009

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Submitted: October 13, 2009



Okay, this will be the second most randomness poem you have read!
‘Cause my first one was more randomness, duh!
Let’s start off as my birthday is next month!
I’ll be 15!
I’m starting to like this one guy
Oh yeah, I have my blondes moment a lot!
By the way, I’m the youngest of six kids
So I’m pretty much screwed up by two of my brothers
So as a young girl I was a tom-boy
But now, I’m a total girly girl!
I’m a freshman! So I’m finally a high schooler
Who can’t figure out her life
But at least I got my friends to support me!
I have four pets!
Whoa, this is so random!
I’m always called a drama queen
And yet I hate being in drama
Especially by back-stabbing friends
Who will steal your boyfriends even after they promise they won’t!
So watch out for them, you can smell ‘em a mile away!
Who needs guys? Every single girl in America
Unless you’re a lesbian then
Which I’m so not
I don’t know any lesbians or I hope not anyways!
See, this is so random!
My favorite color is purple!
I wear contacts!
I love my rainbows flip-flops!
I love hanging with my friends!
I’m a simple girl!
My heart is broken
He left me stone cold
Yet, he thinks it all alright
In his dreams!
How could he do this to me?
Oh my gosh, did you see that cute Abercrombie and Fitch model?
That good looking one, of course he’s a dude, what would he be?
I’m into the preppy style clothes
But you’ll see in me nothing but brand name clothes!
That is just where I love to shop!
As you can tell, I’m a random girl!
Not really, I just wanted to try a new writing way!
Trust me, just ask my friends!
I only have random moments!
But who doesn’t?!
I want my life to be drama free
But yet they keep bringing it in my life!
If I try to walk away they follow!
It’s sucks! They don’t get the hint!
Will they ever?
I’m a believer!
As in I believe in God
But you don’t have to, to be my friend!
By the way my Saint Bernard always has bad gas, ha-ha!
He’s my dog, so just to let ya’ll know ya’ll don’t want to break into my house!
I love listening to my ipod!
And don’t forget I always have my cell phone!
Also my hair straighteren is my baby! I can’t live without it!
Omgsh! These randomness poems I just love writing them!
Maybe this is the end of this poem?!
Or not!
I didn’t lie! I didn’t say it was the end!
What to talk about um let see I love the band sugarland!
And I always make a fool out of myself in front of a guy
My best friend is always supporting me when I write!
Because I support her when she writes!
We both love the twilight saga!
We both love to read!
Yet she’s a tom-boy and I’m a girly-girl!
But we’re friends for life!
This is it!
The end of it?
The end of the world? No this random poem!
Oh okay! Can we say that this poem is random?

Well, bye people! Third one is coming soon! Haha!

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