This girl is a writer who is writing her tenth unique poem!

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Alright last random poem from this random series! Ten out of ten!!! I hope you have enjoyed them all!

Submitted: February 20, 2011

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Submitted: February 20, 2011



Alrighty then it’s summer time! No not really, it’s only February But in Florida is sure feels like summer! I mean I’m already working on my tan for the year! Isn’t that just amazing?!

Spring break is coming! Only I don’t get a spring break Because I’m homeschooled and I attend FLVS That’s an awesome school! Just thought you should know that I’m a sophomore!

I’m also a writer! In case you couldn’t figure that out! But I guess you could have! I love to read too! Could be why I love to write!

My favorite color is purple! My favorite show is now American Idol! That show is amazing! I love the country boy on there! He is so sexy!

I’m a country girl from North Carolina Yet I live in Florida! It has been a year now too! A year in this amazing state! Where I met the love of my life!!

I love cats! Don’t really care for dogs Unless it’s a Saint Bernard! I own two dogs and three cats! A big house full huh?

It went from six people to five, to four, to three, to four, to five, to four, to two people in the house now! Doesn’t make sense I know! But that is my life it never makes sense! Just like I don’t!

I’m a random fun loving girl! Mess with me and I will hurt you! I don’t do promises so it’s a deal So go on and try me! Didn’t think so!

Summer needs to hurry up! Although I love the snow! But I didn’t get none this year! A lot of people did though! It was a cold winter!

Although this will be a hot summer! I can already feel it! But I love the beach!! Who doesn’t? A lifeless person! That’s who!

I love to shop until I drop! That is only an expression Or is it? Can you really do that? I guess I will find out one day!

I’ve lost friends with the move But I have gained a new one And then moved again I can’t stay in one place can I? Four moves in a little over a year!

This is it! The end of it. Not of the world silly! Of this poem! Of this series! This is good-bye my readers! I have enjoyed my time! I hope you have too!

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