This girl is a writer who is writing her third unquie poem!

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Yeah, a third one! It's random stuff put into a free verse poem. Basically whatever pops into my mind while I'm writing it. Hoep you guys enjoy it! :)

Submitted: December 09, 2009

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Submitted: December 09, 2009



Yeah, you read the title right
This will be another randomness poem
Why? Because I’m in my why-do-I-exist moods
And writing this cheery happy poem will make me happy!
Anyways I still love Ghost Whisperer!
And my best friend is a turtle
Who goes ZOOM ZOOM with my ninja kitty!
Yeah, my kitty is a ninja who fights crime with his best bud Abby the ferret!
They fight Sasha, and Peanut!
Princess is the spy for both teams! (Not really)
Ah, Christmas is almost 15 days away!
And I’m not really in the Christmas-y mood!
But Ho-Ho-Ho!
Sorry if you don’t celebrate Christmas and you’re reading this!
Happy Holidays folks!
Anyways I love Saint Bernard’s!
And cats!
Pugs are annoying to me!
But still cute!
Ah, life is amazing!
Still single, but I don’t care
After my last guy, I don’t wanna date ‘til I’m 20
Just kidding or am I?
Anyways my phone has a zebra striped cased on it!
Have you seen that zebra stripes are the new “it” item?
I got my permit!
But I can’t drive yet
Because my brother is more important
Yeah right! To them maybe
But does he care for me?
Ah, who cares about him?
He isn’t gonna ruin this poem!
Or has he already?
Nah, he’s on the phone with one of his “girls”
He thinks he a player, ha yeah right!
Roxboro, North Carolina gets more snow than Butner, North Carolina!
This means I might actually get snow this year!
I love snow, since I don’t see it much
Don’t you just love the south?
I love it! Because I can wear my flip-flops!
Yes, I wear it even in the winter!
I just put on toe socks!
This could be my funky pair
But anyways who cares?
Not like I’m trying to impress people!
I mean who is gonna be looking at your feet?
Feet-loving people! If they even exist!
By the way my favorite singers right now are
Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood! They rock!
Yes, I’m a flip-flop wearing, snow loving, country loving girl!
I know that don’t make sense
But this poem isn’t suppose to make sense
Poetry is what I live for!
And my cat, and friends, since I don’t have my Brutus anymore!
He was a Saint Bernard; we couldn’t afford to keep him L
Since my parents spilt
No don’t feel sorry for me
Life is better off now!
I mean I could be happier if we had Brutus
But life moves on!
Better hold on!
Life is taking another course!
So buckle up people!
By the way I wanna give thanks to
My bestestest friend and 8th Grade math teacher!
Because without them, I would have quit writing
But as you can tell I didn’t!
And I’m glad of that!
I love to write!
Thanks you guys! Even though only one will probably read this!
Ah, I’m getting sleepy
So I guess I should end this
With so much on my mind
That isn’t gonna be written
Maybe one day, who knows?
My favorite color is still purple!
I still don’t have a crush
Only the one on the person who plays Jacob on the twilight saga!
By the way New Moon rocks!
Twilight did too, but I can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn!!!!!
Anyways, this is the end
Of the world?
Yea, we’re dying after I post this
Of course not, of the poem!
Unless….. Never mind, just forget it!
I love you guys!
Thanks for reading my work!
Hope you enjoy this one!
And I know I enjoyed writing it!
You guys rock!
I’m happier than when I began J
And this poem is awesome!
And I love the feeling of winter
Only for the snow!
Anyways bye you guys!

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