This girl is writing who is writing her eleventh unique poem!

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Okay, I had a little mini-series I made up and I had it where I was going to do ten. But I needed a laugh and I know this will help me out.

Submitted: December 11, 2012

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Submitted: December 11, 2012



Did you know it's been a year almost two since I last wrote a random poem?

I'm a Senior in high school now!

I'm no longer a minor!

I am still very random!

I'm back up in North Carolina again!

I miss the warm weather though!

I'm planning on majoring in Nursing!

I haven't given writing a thought anymore

But I'm still a writer at heart!

I'm big into The Hunger Games series!

My music taste has changed majorly!

My favorite color is orange!

My favortie band is Evanescence! 

I have been hurt by a guy recently kinda!

But I haven't let it bring me down!

 I still have the same kitty as before!

The same amazing best friends!

Are you an Android or Apple fan?

I'm more of an Apple fan!

If you're an Apple fan do you have an Iphone?

I want the Iphone 5 in white!

But I'm with the Ipone 4

Yet I can't complain many people don't have a home.

I'm going to do a CNA course this summer!

I can't believe I will be in college!

Class of 2013 rules!!

Do you think the world will end in 10 days?

I don't believe it will

I mean if it does then I  wasted my whole life in school!

I'm looking forward to graduating!

I plan on attending college in Texas hopefully

I want to travel the world one day!

Christmas is in 14 days!

Wow so only two weeks away!

Where has the time gone?

My birthday was last month!

Is this poem random or what?

I know it isn't as funny as the others.

A pig wants what the turtle wants which is what the cat wants

Do you know what the cat wants?

A big hug!

We're so fly!

I got my swag on!

I'm a country girl from North Carolina!

I'm chill as a pickle!

Yo mama is so old that that when she was in school there was no history class.

Are you from Tennessee? Cause you are the only Ten I see

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

I'm so sexy!

You're so sexy too!

We are all sexy!

I'm a Teen Mom 2 fan!

Although I have no idea of getting pregnant

I'm no even dating anybody!

I'm currently reading Lock & Key!

My favorite book is The Notebook!

My book is so old, read so many times the pages are worn out!

I'm a huge, major Nichloas Sparks fan!

OKay, I'm running out of ideas!

Thank you all for the wonderful support!

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