This is me, this is who I am

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Tonight is a headphones in music blaring kind of night. So I feel like writing a poem.

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



I'm not the slut that you label me as

I'm not the rude person you call me

I'm not the ugly girl that I have been called

I'm not some fat chick as you put it

I don't have stupid written acrossed my forehead

Although I may be an easy target for jerks

I'm not an easy girl to "get" with as you put it

I'm not stuck up

I'm not a nerd that you think I am

Yeah I may be quiet

But maybe I'm not just shy

Maybe I'm an awkward teenager

Maybe I don't know what to say because who do I trust?

I'm the girl who wants to slide into a room without an apperance and quickly leaves

I don't want to draw attention to myself

I'm not a drama queen

I'm just a misunderstood girl

Yes I have made mistakes

Yes I have screwed up majorly

I'm not by all means perfect

Nor do I ever claim to be

I'm just trying to get by

I'm beautiful in my own unquie way

I may not be a size 2 but that doesn't matter to me

I'm a strong girl

I don't care if I'm a mess if I go out

I don't dress to impress you

I don't try to dress slutty so I can find a guy to hook up with

I'm fine with being me

The perfect at being unperfect girl

Who won't speak unless she is noticed

Who is sadly more of a follower than a leader

But I'm slowly breaking out of my comfort zone

I'm not the same girl I was two years ago

I'm not the same girl I was last year

I have changed a lot, for the better

I'm not the same little girl who started writing many years ago

I have turned into a mature young adult

Yes I write about what I expereinced

My writing has changed a lot

But you have to remember I was ten at the time and I'm now eighteen

I'm supposed to change

I'm proud of who I have turned out to be

Yeah, I may want to forget a lot

But I'm now about graduate and major in Nursing

Writing is a part of my past, my present, and my future

I will always be the girl who writes.

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