This one is for the girl with the broken heart

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Okay this is for the girls, but some guys can relate to this. But I'm speaking from the heart. Enjoy :)

Submitted: December 06, 2012

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Submitted: December 06, 2012



We all know the pain of a broken heart.

You meet a really sweet guy.

You flirt with a guy and he makes you feel all nice.

You date him for a while.

You fall hard for that lucky person.

Next thing you know it's over.

So you're stuck picking up the pieces.

You have been played.

You have been hurt.

You have been treated like crap.

He lifts you up after you have been down just to bring you down again.

You're picking up the millions pieces of your broken heart.

While he's on to his next girl.

We get all dolled up and wait by the phone for a call.

We get all giggly over a guy.

We show our girly side all because we fall for a guy.

Then we get our heart broken.

But guess what?

We're better than those jerks.

We can wipe away our tears and put a smile on our face.

We may have a broken heart but we are strong.

We can handle anything that life throws at us.

They hurt us but we smile at the pain.

We may show a bit of weakness but then we will get strong.

What does not kill us will make us stronger.

They break our heart but we don't let it get to us.

We're imbreakable, we become numb to it all.

We are femals and we're tough.

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