Ugh! Boy can't you see that I like you?!

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Wrote this about a year ago, while doing a report for school I found this is in my word documents folder. Hope you like it!

Submitted: May 25, 2010

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Submitted: May 25, 2010



I showed you all the signs!
My heart flips whenever we talk
I look forward to us talking all the time!
My stomach is doing back bends!
You’re always here for me!
But can’t you see, I don’t wanna be your friend?!
I wanna be more!
I really like you!
I try flirting with you!
But can’t you tell?
Or is it because you really likes her?
I don’t want to tell you
And end up getting hurt
So I keep it in
And wonders what would of happen
But dude! I really like you!
I always wanna talk to you!
Can’t you see?
That I’m going crazy over you?!
And when we talk about hanging out!
I wish we were dating!
I would be so good to you!
But am I good enough?
You’re all I ever want!
So sweet and amazing!
I want you to be my boyfriend!!
Your so amazing!
I love talking TO YOU
And you act like we’re just friends
And I end up hurt
Wishing that we were so much more than what we are!
Can’t you see that I’m crazy for you?!!

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