We're losing our friendship

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This girl feels like she is losing a friendship with one of her closest friend.

Submitted: October 10, 2009

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Submitted: October 10, 2009



I don’t want to admit it
But we so are
We’re not like we use to be
Ever since school began
Its like you don’t want to hang with me
I may be wrong
Or I hope I am
I don’t want us not to be friends
That text you sent hurt
Its like you’re gonna make me chose
And you know I can’t do that
If that was the case I would pick neither
But there something between us
Is it something I did?
Tell me please?!
We we’re so close
And now we’re not
What happen? It was fine before school began
I can’t stand to see us not being friends
You were/are my best friend
I would be lost with you
We can make it work
But why don’t you want to hang with me?
Maybe we drifted about
But that soon after we hung?
What did I do? If I did anything that is
Or is it just you who is drifting away?
I’m not mad that we don’t hang
And you know it!
There gotta be something between us!
That you’re not telling me
Please you can tell me anything
Like I know I can tell you anything
Let us stay being best friends?
I know I won’t ever bring it up
I don’t want to lose you
You’re the best friend
I need you
Is that the thing?
That you keep me alive and going?
You can always make me laugh
You were here for me when he wasn’t
And you’ll always be here
Just like I’ll be here for you
No matter what!
I mean we made a promise!
Besties forever!
You’ll always be my bestestestestestestestest friend
Texting 24/7, with all those secrets
That I only tell to you
Trust me she is clueless
I only want to tell you those juicy secrets

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