What else can I say?

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I know I told myself I wouldn't write when I'm all emotional but right now I have to.

Submitted: December 21, 2012

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Submitted: December 21, 2012



What else can I say to you?

I have said all I can and nothing seems to work

Saying I'm sorry is not what you wanted

You just want to make me feel like I'm worthless

You want me to feel so bad

You want to see me get all worked up

I'm defeneless because of my past

I have to take it and let it tear me up

I'm an emotional wreck now

Having a panic attacking because you can't stop crying

All because you can't leave things alone

I know I messed up a lot

I'm sorry I'm not as perfect as I should be

Saying I'm like my mother is a low

But an even lower blow is bringing up my speech.

It's not even my fault!

You made me leave!

Yet you're telling me to take the credit

When you're blaming it all on me!

I wanted to go back, I had planned on it

Yet that simple not coming proved it

Yet it's all on what I did!

I was walking on egg shells because I didn't want to get in trouble!

How can it be my fault?

Because I messed up this summer?

I was trying to fix it and leave it behind me!

Things were getting better for me!

I had accepted I wouldn't have anything to do with him!

And then you stir up all of these emotions!

Right before Christmas too!

Now I can't even think so

I feel like I'm going to throw up

But I can't even do that.

I was numb to it all

I was so used to it

Now it's like a wave came crashing down on me

Headphones in? Check. Zoning out? Check.

I have to block everybody out right now

I can't take it.

I was on the edge before,

Slowly coming back in and now I'm on the edge again

I feel like crap.

Like I am worthless.

I didn't mean to hurt people.

This is why I'm going to college far away

As far as I can go.

So I can't hurt anybody

Just myself that should work.

I need to be alone.

You can't hurt anybody alone, right?


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