Yet again anothe Child Abuse

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Submitted: October 20, 2011

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Submitted: October 20, 2011



Dear whomever this may concern,

I’m writing this to say how I feel about child abuse and everything. Child Abuse is wrong and people should really try harder to stop it. We lose thousands of children every year because of it and if we would get off our butts and do something then maybe we would lose fewer children. The punishments that the court decides should be more serve its like you’re trying to say go ahead abuse your kids even kill them and you wont go for jail that long. I mean come on this is a crime! These kids didn’t ask for any of this! They don’t mean any harm! Some can barely defend themselves and many don’t even try because they know they can’t!

And for those of you who knows about a child being abuse stand up for them and fight! It just isn’t right to sit by and watch an innocent child get hurt! How heartless can you be to hurt your own child or children? Must be pretty heartless! I say if we are all willing to help stop child abuse we can make a difference in this world! Do you know how many children would be saved? Probably a lot  of children would be. So who is with me to help save children lives? I mean they are our future! So why abuse them and kill them? Do we not want a future? Well stop and think what if you were in their shoes? Would you like being abused and tormented for doing nothing? It isn’t supposed to be so hard to be a kid!

So if you’re a mother or father who don’t abuse your kids make sure you tell them you love them and don’t start! If you’re one of the people that do abuse your kids STOP!!!!! If you are a kid and you’re parents don’t abuse you let them know that you care and that you love them! I mean you could be like some of those kids but you’re not because your mom and dad or just one parent or both cares for you and loves you! I mean come on I don’t believe in abortion but if you knew you would be abusing your kids why not abortion them? It would be the same thing as what you’re doing to them! Or put them up for adoption! Not keep them and harm them! Come on everybody we can all do something! So let’s stand up for the children that are being abused! We could make the world a better place! All we gotta do is try and we could make a difference! Stop Child Abuse! Be aware! For those of you who have lost loved ones or people you knew because of child abuse my heart is with you! God Bless you! The one story I read that I remember is Kelsey Briggs and many more. We could help prevent so many children from being abused or from them to stand up for themselves if only we would try!

It’s not supposed to be hard for a kid!!!!!!!!!!!



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