You are no longer on my mind

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I wasn't really sure what time the poem should have so far now it's titeless... It's another music filled night so I'm being inspired to write. Enjoy :) I apologize for it being so long I didn't realize it was.

Submitted: January 04, 2013

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Submitted: January 04, 2013



All I want is to be able to block you out completely

I have finally moved on from you

But somehow you're still coming back

I thought I was completely over you

I guess there is still a tiny piece of me that is drawn to you

I just don't get it

I have another guy in my life

Another guy who can make me smile

You just wanted me for what a girl has

You didn't want me for who I am

You didn't care about me

You just wanted to control me

I was stupid enough to believe your lies and fall for you

You screwed me over so bad

You cheated on me and lied to me countless times

Why can't I completely forget about you?

You built me up from being broken

Just so you can destroy me even more

I'm finally picking up the pieces again

I have a guy who is willing to help me out

A guy who is even in my dreams now

The good type of guy

He makes me feel better than what you did

I have trust issues, I have issues I know that

You knew that too so you took advantage of me

You used me

You played me like I was a toy

Now I'm standing on my two feet firm

You or any guy can never tear me down again

I am a strong and beautiful woman

I am not afraid of you or any guy

You aren't even worth my time anymore

My emotions may be all mixed up

But I know that my heart beats for only one guy

And I'm relieved to say that this guy is not you

The spell is finally broken

It's only one artist that brings back memories

I can avoid the artist

You were the number one thing in my life

Now everything has changed

I now know that I'm important

That my opinions do matter

That I'm not just made for one thing

I need a guy who will love me for me

You and a lot of other people have said I've changed

Could it be because I was done wrong by a jerk-face?

That could change me

I'm not bitter though, I'm better off

I don't want to get revenge on you,

My revenge is moving on and letting Karma serve you

I won't try to get you back,

I have a great guy I'm talking to, I have some family, I have friends, I have all I need

You made me think I only had you

I was sadly mistaken, and when things went wrong I realized

Never believe a jerk-face, they are more than likely liars.

I'm wiping away my remaining tears for you

I'm putting my Tiara back on

I'm smiling now again

Because this princess is getting her Prince Charming

Her Prince Charming isn't you

It's a guy who knows how to treat his girl

You missed out on the best thing you will never have

I dodged a huge bullet with you

I'm getting a move on with my life

I'm a princess who is getting her broken heart fixed.

I know it's killing you to see I'm better off.

The pain is no longer there

I no longer wonder about what would have happened

I'm not wishing we were still together

Those days are long gone now

I'm a stronger woman than I was then

It has nothing to do with you, just me.

Exes belongs in the past and that is where you are staying

You're in my past for now and forever

My New Year's Resolution is to move and not to look back

So I'm moving on and you can stay with the rest of my baggage

No more feeling sorry for myself

I'm done, I mean it, I am finally done!

My heart is healing finally

It takes time but once it happens it is totally worth it!

I would say see ya later but I don't plan on it!

Good luck in your future! Karma will be knocking on your door!

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