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Natalie Forbes is used to moving. Used to switching schools, used to dealing with the ignorant apes of high school. Her dad's job requires them to move often, but last summer they moved not because of his jobs demands, but because of

Submitted: June 04, 2014

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Submitted: June 04, 2014



I walk into the classroom for the first time, at a new school. There are many decisions- important decisions. Like who to sit next to, the kid who is picking his nose and eating it, or the kid who is smiling big- werewolf- grin at me. First world problems. I decide on the Werewolf grin kid; he’s creepy but at least he didn’t bring eau de booger for lunch today. I place my things down on the desk behind the kid and he turns around, braces reflecting off the light.

“Hi i’m Jimmy.” He gushes.


Spit flies in my face, and I resist the urge to wipe it off frantically with my sweatshirt sleeve.

“Hi.” I take my seat, and the projectile spit missile turns back around to face the front.

My pencil rolls off my desk. Irritated, I bend down to pick it up, my hair falling over my face. My fingers tingle as someone else brushes theirs against mine. I glance up. This god like, square jawed I’m- so-dreamy-and-I-know-it guy is bent down in front of me.


“Lose something?” His voice is honey sweet, without a flaw. He hands me the pencil- I am not impressed. It takes more than picking up a girl’s pencil to get her to fall head-over-heels in love with you. At least for this girl. The teacher walks in, class has begun.  We return to our seats. Jimmy glances at my skirt, biting his lip and winking at me. I throw up in my mouth, then I casually proceed to flip Jimmy off underneath my desk, making sure he gets the message.


What a creep.

The kid who picked up my pencil sits across from me, patiently waiting for me to throw myself at him, like all the other girls. He smiles, colgate white. I avert my eyes to the front of the room. I can only imagine his reaction; a face like that isn’t turned down often. He probably thinks i’m playing hard to get:  As if. I’ve dealt with guys like him before:  cocky, good looking, effortlessly cool. If I ever meet a guy who’s different than that, (highly unlikely) that will be the death of me... I switch schools every 3 months, best not get attached to anyone or anything.


I just do the work, make B’s, occasionally A’s and WHAM- a few months later I can’t even remember their names. It’s better that way. The teacher clears his throat:

“Alright class. Today we will be watching a movie about.-”

The class erupts with hoots of joy, the chittering of the apes talking amongst each other.  Ah, a class movie- a teacher’s way of saying: “Todays a lazy day and I don’t really feel like teaching you guys anything. Therefore, I will just press play and Voila; I am free to read my magazines and blog about how much my job sucks.” Or something like that.


Works for me- I can daydream. Or for others, literally dream. The movie begins and the room goes dark, the shuffling of papers for “taking notes”, and the sounds of people getting their arms positioned  just right on their desks so they can take a nap. I suppress a laugh; one kid actually has a pillow. I’m trying to figure out how he got that thing in his backpack, when it hits me- an eraser. I swivel around to face the person who threw it... Mr. Cool himself.


He smirks at me, and I narrow my eyes at him, waiting for the light of the tv to hit my face just right so that I could scare him a bit. It worked. He mumbles something unintelligent (shocker) under his breath, and goes back to sleep. I don’t know where I go for the rest of the movie. I’m just sort of there. Physically but not mentally.  Finally the bell rings and class is dismissed. I file out with the rest of the class and shift into the traffic lane, high school highway- try saying that 3 times fast. I enter my locker combination and carelessly deposit my treasures into my locker. An assortment of notebooks, a rainbow of folders, and a pack of gum. Oh yes- high security is a must for this locker. I go to close it, and jump because he’s leaning against the locker next to mine.


I fold my arms over my chest. “What do YOU want?”

“Hey easy, easy. Look, i’m sorry, ok? I just wanted you to notice me.”  I frown.

“Trust me I noticed you.” He lifts an eyebrow triumphantly.

I roll my eyes. “Ugh, not like that! Not every girl looooves you you know.” He looks liked he’d just been shot.

“No I didn’t know that.” He curls his lip.

Deciding to ignore him, I start towards the cafeteria. He jogs up next to me. “So how do I make you looooooove me?”

I spin around angrily. “Get lost.” I say through my teeth.

I walk faster. “Oooh feisty. I like a girl who plays hard to get. Though I have to admit... I haven’t met many who can resist me.”

I keep walking. “I’m not interested.”  My knuckles are white.

“You were interested before you moved.”His voice is cold. I stop dead in my tracks. “What?” I jerk my head back around so hard I thought I would give myself whiplash.

I take in his sandy blonde hair, his electrifying blue eyes and it all comes back to me.


Jason Cavallon.


My heart skips a beat.  He was the reason we moved almost a year ago. Not because of my dad’s job, but because of him. And he’s found me.

“Did you forget about the restraining order, or could you not wrap your thick skull around the fact that:  I. HATE. YOU.” I say the last part slowly, as if I mean to drive it into his cranium like a jackhammer. Which frankly, is EXACTLY what i’d like to do right now. He holds up a yellow slip of paper, pointing to the bottom.

“Read the fine print.” He grins from ear to ear in triumph. Snatching the paper from his hands, I squint at the bottom of the page:


“For 6 months, Mr.Jason Cavallon is forbidden to socialize, or come in contact with Ms.Natalie Forbe.”

I can’t breathe. “I could have sworn it was a lot longer than 6 months.” I say my voice wavering.

He shrugs. “Guess not.” His voice is low. I watch as he quickly looks around to make sure nobody’s watching, and before I can run, slams me into the nearest locker.  His hand is at my throat, tight. Breathebreathebreathe. I cant. I have to breathe. Tighter. I cannot move under his grip. Scream, do something, anything. But my throat is a beavers dam, not even the slightest crack of water can surface. “Listen to me-” He growls. Animal. He is an animal. His eyes are the stormy sea, dark and dangerous. They swallow me whole.. they swallow me whole and I cannot swim- I am going to drown.Then out of nowhere  I am released. My first instinct is to scream, but nothing will come out. There is crying- is it me? I don’t think so. I can’t scream, I don’t think I can cry. I open my eyes.... it’s Jason.


“I... I’m s.. so sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I can’t believe... I just did that.” He looks stunned. I break down crying.  

“Shhhh shhh.” He takes me by the shoulders; I’m too shaken up to protest. “Look at me Natalie.”

I lift my head slowly meeting his eyes. Within minutes, they had gone from wild  animal to an innocent child’s-just as they had done when we were dating.

“I promise, I will never hurt you again, do you hear me? No matter what. I want to be with you again Natalie. I love you.” He insists. I look down at the ground, averting his eyes.. Stormy eyes, now a calm sea.

“You believe me don’t you Nat?”

A silent tear rolls down my cheek, and he embraces me. My tears dissolved into the fabric of his shirt, and just like that I am his again.


Weeks pass and everything is as Jason promised: Perfect. Every morning I go to my locker and there’s a sticky note on it with a different poem each day. Well during art class that day I was talking to this kid who’s in my English class, Garett. He asked me what we had for homework tonight, so I told him. Then we chatted for a bit as we sculpted our clay figures, about his upcoming football game, what the teams record was, that kind of stuff.


Well Jason didn’t approve of this. He came storming up to us and started hitting Garett in the side with the rolling pin. Caught off guard he fell to the floor clutching his side. But that wasn’t enough. Jason continued to club him over the head with the unlikely weapon, the whole time Garett whimpering on the floor. Any other day people would have cheered him on, laughed at the star quarterback being beaten up by a rookie.


But the look on Jason’s face when he started hitting him... it’s like it wasn’t even him; like he wasn’t even human. And THAT’S the Jason my family filed a restraining order against. People were screaming, telling him to stop. From Garett’s temple flowed a steady river of blood, as he yowled in pain. THUMP, THUMP, THUMP. The rolling pin collided again and again with his head, and I cringed worried it would shatter like glass. This is the Jason i’m scared of, the unpredictable one. The brash, angry, irrational one.


The one who tried to kill me last summer.


But I can’t leave him. It’s my fault. My fault for not understanding him, my fault for not trying hard enough  to understand him. I want to escape, but I can’t. I’m his; I always have been,I  always will be. We’re meant to be... I can’t just leave him. But after seeing the police man and the principal drag him off of Garett and the medical team take Garett away in a stretcher, I didn’t know what to think.


Garett’s family decided not to press charges. I thank god for that; I don’t know what I would do without Jason. Peeling  the sticky note off my locker, I read the scrawled red handwriting that is not Jason’s. Or maybe it is? It can’t be.... Jason always writes my poems neatly and this writing is barely legible. My eyes scan the small sheet of paper and I drop it, my hand over my mouth in shock as it flutters to the floor. The sounds around me become nothing but white noise, as I replay the words over and over in my mind:




‘You are mine...’

‘Stay away from other guys...’

‘all your fault....’

Is he.... threatening me? This has to be some kind of misunderstanding.

“Hi Nat.” He walks up to me kissing me on the cheek as though nothing was wrong. He casually loops his arm around my waist as a tall guy in blue jeans approaches us.

“Hey jason.” His thumb is looped through his belt hole, and his stance is confident, attractive.

“And hello to you too.” He smiles flirtatiously at me. I feel Jason tense up, his fingers digging into the bare skin at my waist. I lean into Jason to comfort him. “Sorry. I’m all his.” I glance up adoringly at Jason and he smiles relieved, kissing me. I feel his muscles relax, as his fingers uncurl leaving indents in my side.


“Yup sorry Chris. She’s a keeper.” He smiles at him, yet the smile does not meet his eye, eyes like ice, unwelcoming and cold warning him to stay away. Chris laughs nervously.

“Ok well umm... I’ll see you guys around ok? Hey Jason, you coming to practice?”

His face turns red. “No the coach kicked me off the team.”

Chris looks surprised for a minute, then a look of recognition takes over and his eyes cloud over with fear. He mumbles something about he has studying to do, and walks away quickly.


Once he had disappeared, Jason let go. “So, want to hang out after school today? I got us a movie we can watch.” He says beaming.

I sigh running my fingers through my hair. “I’m sorry my parents have to talk to me tonight about something, they say it’s really important.”

His face falls. “Are you...” He swallows hard. “Moving?” I shrug.

“I don’t think so.”

He bites his lip nervously, a habit he’s always had.

“Do they know about us?”

I think about that for a minute. “No. I’m pretty sure they don’t.” He sighs relieved.

“But they might. I don’t think it’s about that though, it sounded more serious.”

He furrows his brow. “Ok. Call me?” I nod.


I laugh, kissing him. “I promise.” I whisper and head to 1st period.


I get home from school and both my parents are sitting on the coach. Which surprises me, because I know my dad works from home, but he’s ALWAYS working. Taking calls, writing things down for his clients. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him not at his desk. My mother points to the seat across from them and I obediently do so. My mom is smiling at my dad, and he turns to face me, his legs spread about an a hand resting on each. He uses one of them to talk at all times, don’t ask me why.

“So Natalie, how do you like it here so far?”

“Goooood.... Dad what’s going on here?”

He ignores my question.

“Have you made any new friends?”

Pssh, no.

“Yeah a few.” I lie.

My parents keep smiling at eachother; it’s freaking me out.


“WE’RE STAYING!” My mom squeals, clapping.

I can’t even react. All my life we’ve moved from place to place. I’ve never actually been able to call a place ‘home’ for more than a year. I can actually make friends now, I can finally have a social life! But it seems too good to be true.

“Is this some kind of sick joke? Are you absolutely 100% sure we can stay?”

“Of course honey! We would never lie to you. Daddy hit the jackpot!!”

I glance at my father.

“It’s true. These houses here are fabulous, they’re what all my clients are looking for.”

“So I can play sports now? I can be on a team, I can actually make friends?”

“I thought you had friends?”

I ignore the question, and continue to ramble on.

I gasp. “I can be with Jason!”

No sooner than the words had left my mouth did I regret them.

My fathers face turned stone cold.

“Jason. Jason Cavallon?”

I feel like i’m going to throw up. My head spins, trying to figure out how to explain to my parents that he had changed, that he was better now. But was he really better? I push the thought out of my head.

“He’s changed! He’s not that kind of person anymore, he’s so sweet-”

“SWEET!” My father roars.

“For god’s sake Natalie, he tried to KILL you!”

I turn to my mother.“Mom, you have to listen to me! He’s changed! He’s sorry!” I cry.

My mother says nothing, just falls back into the plush of the couch, tears rolling down her face.

“I forbid you to see him!”

I don’t even try to protest. I just close my mouth, and run upstairs like a good little girl, shutting my bedroom door quietly behind me.

I flop down on the bed, letting myself relax in it’s soothing comfort. I feel safe in my bed, away from... from Jason. Am I actually scared of Jason? Jason the boy who writes me a love poem every morning before school?  I hug my pillow. No that is not the Jason I am scared of. The jason I fear. It’s the animal Jason I’m scared of, the relentless angry one. The one who hurts people. Maybe its for the best? I think. Under the enormous amount of stress I I soon fall asleep, my head a bolder on my light and fluffy pillow.


I get to school and see Jason by the fountain in front of the main entrance. He sees me and makes his way over to me. “We need to talk.” I say.

“Yes we do.”


He folds his arms over his chest.

“Why didn’t you call me?” He demands.

crap. I completely forgot!

“I’m sorry. I had a lot on my mind-”

“The only thing you should have on your mind, is ME.”

Even he can hear how harsh that was.

“What did your parents say?”

“Um, that we’re staying here! Permanently.”

His eyes light up. “That’s great!” He hugs me.

My heart sinks when I realize what I’m about to do to him; how he’ll react... It’s unpredictable.

“Look, Jason. My parents found out about us-”

“What? How!”

“I accidently slipped and...”

A sting to my left cheek, leaving it bright red and throbbing.


He slapped me.


All eyes are on us. Jason stares at his hand in front of his face, as though it is foreign, like it isn’t his. He looks up at me, regret.

“I’m a monster.. I’m.. i’m so sorry.”

“so sorry.” He whispers.  He strokes my cheek with his thumb and forefinger, wiping my tears away.

I pull away from him. “Stay away.” I warn him.

“I never should have given you a second chance.”

I run, away from Jason, away from the stunned onlookers, away from the monster.

I arrive at a pond and sit down out out of breath. I had been running on nothing but adrenaline,m and I had reached the end. I lean over the water, and see my reflection. The mark has lost its redness but it still stings. I trace it with my thumb and forefinger and wince. A bruise is forming under my eye.

“Natalie.” I jump. He followed me.

“I said stay away.” I try to sound threatening, like I mean it but my voice shakes.

“Pleas I love you...” He tries to kiss me and I push him away.

He grabs me again and I struggle, he brings me to the ground choking me. His grip is tighttighttight TIGHT. I gasp for breath, kicking and thrashing about on the ground. I see the green grass beneath me,  feel the waters cold lips against my skin.“This is for your own good... “ He whispers and my face goes under.

My world goes dark.


Epilogue: 3 years later Jason was arrested for abuse and the murder of his girlfriend, Natalie Forbe. But she escaped, escaped the monster, and is no longer HIS,  for she is now god’s angel.


© Copyright 2019 Stephanie559. All rights reserved.

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