Three Years Long

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These are a series of haiku about a previous boyfriend and I. They go in chronological order of our relationship. I don't want to say much more because I want my readers to interpret them as they may.

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



1. Strumming the guitar

Eyes meet willing lips collide

Heart races tonight


2. The sounds of his breathe

The feeling of her warm touch

The young couple lie


3. On the wooden dock

Gazing into the night sky

Orion's belt shine


4. Sitting on the rock

Air runs across our faces

As the geese bob by


5. Violin

In his strong hands

Lyrics soft


6. His words are foreign

Conversations seem distant

Lips are in motion


7. Heated argument

Stares angrily exchanged

Red envy towards her



8. Burgundy soft couch

Two shades darker from the tears

His shoulder is drenched


9. Her porcelain face

Blotchy with pink swollen eyes

Teardrops stain her cheeks


10. I never dreamt

I would get my heart torn out

Unbearable pain


11. Mind tosses and turns

Hoops and hurtles to forget

Thoughts that aren’t wanted


12.  Her telephone rings  

The anxiety begins

Push the green button


13.  Caught in his deep lie

To deceive a woman’s trust

Sulks in confusion


14.  The heart takes mending

Time to fill in the small cracks

Slow recovery


15. The realization

I will love him forever

The black hole of love


16.  Burdon was lifted

Shoulders no longer weighed down

Easy to move on


17. An old friend

Becomes a new one



18.  Our second first kiss

Rekindled the old spirit

Just three years to late


19.  Our hands intertwine

His eyes re-latch onto mine

Sweetest surrender


20.  Naïve no longer

Heart protected by padlock

I now hold the key


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