Marylyn Falls Academy Bk2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Young Adult Readers And Writers

Whitness what happends next as Lizzie will face many new challenges and threats. Lucky for her she has her friends to watch her back but who this year is hiding something and who has comited the most deadliest crime imaginable someone has murdered the King.

Table of Contents

Ch1=Goodbye and Goodnight

              Marylyn Falls Academy Bk2 By Stephanie Baker   ... Read Chapter

Ch2=Misguided Youth

Warning bad language and violence alert Read Chapter

Ch3=The Return

Ch3- The Return   Lizzie POV   “What’s happening here?” I asked Holly she looked around then spoke to me ... Read Chapter

Ch4=Hell Is Upon Us

Ch4-Hell is upon us   Lizzie POV I got to fight training with as few minutes to spare “Cage why didn’t you wake me?... Read Chapter


Ch5-Boundaries   Erickson POV I looked out of the class room window at two buses that had just pulled up outside “Wow ... Read Chapter


Ch6-Powerless Lizzie POV   I got up out of bed and got showered I was about to get changed when I heard the door to... Read Chapter

Ch7=Rotton To The Core

Warning male/male action dont like dont read. Read Chapter

Ch8=Love Is A Cruel Mistress

Warning Male/Male

New characters revealed Read Chapter

Ch9=Human Radar

Warning some scenes indicate abuse Read Chapter

Ch10=Missing Me

Ch10-Missing Me   Lizzie POV I took of out of the gates and walked down into the village towards my family’s house it ... Read Chapter

Ch11=Murder Strikes The Courtroom

Ch11-Murder Strikes the courtroom   Lizzie POV After that reveal my parents seemed to be ok with Cage and Alexander bein... Read Chapter

Ch12=Suspicous Minds

Warning mentions of sexual abuse regarding Lizzie's relationship with DavidJekyll. Read Chapter

Ch13=Twin Intentions

The Murderer and accomplices are revealled who is going to get away with murder. Read Chapter

Ch14=Make Or Break Me

Ch14- Make or Break Me   Erickson Pov “Bravo that was some story little warlock” I explained I clicked my finger... Read Chapter

Ch15=The News

Ch15-The News   Lizzie POV   I sat outside the hospital with my siblings and cousins and human friends while th... Read Chapter


Warning get tisssues ready this is a sad chapter character deaths. Read Chapter

Ch17=No Rest For The Wicked

Ch17- No Rest for the wicked     Lizzie POV There was still no news about our mother whether she was ok in hosp... Read Chapter

Ch19=Burn Baby Burn

Ch19-Burn Baby Burn   Cage POV I ran off as fast as I could inside towards the room Lizzie was in with her brothers and ... Read Chapter

Ch20=Anyone Alive Out There?

Ch20- Anyone Alive out there?   Grayson POV   “So the academy is destroyed what are we going to do?” I aske... Read Chapter

Ch21= A Funneral's song

Ch21-A funeral’s song   Lizzie POV The next day was hard on all of us as we prepared to attend yet another funeral for... Read Chapter


Ch22-Flight   Lizzie POV I got my case packed and bag for my schools trip to Vegas, Alexander was now coming to Vegas to... Read Chapter


Ch23-Vegas   Lizzie POV   After the plane journey from Hell, we touched down at Las Vegas airport and grabbed o... Read Chapter