thats what you get part 1

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Submitted: February 04, 2012

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Submitted: February 04, 2012



"that will show them" i thought as i hammered the last nail into place . I hurd her screaming "please dont do this your better than that" "you brought this on yourself!!!" "im sorry it was a mistake" i stood up "ha mistake? you shoudnt of locked  me in that truck and drove 4 other cars in to me!!! i was in the hospital for 2 years!!!! you deserve this!!!" "please!" i cut her off, No enough im done with you! ou did it just to get to him kitty kat! (kitty kat was my boyfriends nick name for her) "what are you doing?!" said catlin "what should of been done a long time ago!!!! your ganna know what it like to be inches away from death!"diamond dont do this!" " you thought i was ganna die so you and travis started dating!! you were my best friend i would never do that to you!" "im sorry" "if you were really sorry you wouldnt of done it!! catlin starts to cry. "aww, whats wrong kitty kat are you scared??? huh!!


"Are you ganna kill me?" "im ganna make it look like an accident caitlin no ones ganna know it will be our little secret" I walked around the celler and poured kerosene around it i light the match and through it at the celler. Caitlin screamed in agonizing pain. I smiled devisly and said " dont mess with the mentally insane". I ran to a new reporter and told what i saw i was o nthe new a week later and they said " A girl named caitlin was found burned alive in a celler in the middle of no where by a girl named Diamond Renals me sanding in the back FAKE  crying he told me i could speek no i said" she was my bestfriend i was so devisated when i found out it was her who ever did this please just come out and tell us" i walked away with a smile on my face and whispered in travis's ear..... thats what you get honey bunches :)  

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