My American Idol Moment

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American Idol finalists recounts his moment at the top.

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013



It was the final round of eliminations and I was one of the final singers on American Idol 2013
when suddenly I felt wings sprotting from my back during my performance on stage.
I fell to the ground screaming in agony as Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey began to open their eyes wider and wider.
Randy Jackson said:

"Dog, what up dude is this for real?"
"Come on dog are those wings? Wow,...Wow!"

Just then I looked up towards the balcony and I saw a 3 foot tall green alien jump down from the seats
with a Laser gun in his hands and sweat began to pour from my body. I was in the middle of
singing "Ice, Ice, baby" and Keith Urban the only country judge was beginning
to give me the death stare. Then the little green alien tried to capture Nicki Minaj by pulling her blonde wig. Mariah Carey screamed out in joy:

"Thank god somebody has finally got Nicki Minaj under control" and began to point her fingers in the air from side to side.

Nicki Minaj began screaming in pain as the alien tried to drag her back to his spaceship. Randy Jackson just sat there and said:

"What up dog, are you really gonna do this to her dog?"

Finally I couldn't take it anymore, the alien was wasting my time on stage and I only had 2 minutes left
to finish my song. No one was gonna get in my way so I began to sing "Ice, Ice, baby" even louder
and I could see all the eyes in the audience focus on me. The alien stopped trying to capture
Nicki Minaj and began to listen to my singing. I could feel a silence coming over
the entire room and I knew that it was my moment. Suddenly women began to scream as my voice went
into a resounding vibrato.

"We love you Norbert" they all chanted.

Then I broke into the splits and ended the song
on a high note even Adele would be
jealous of. No one could deny me, this was my American Idol moment.

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