Nindi Unleashed

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An Indian woman fights back against a group of male attackers and discovers that she has superpowers.

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



Nindi Unleashed

Nindi was the most beautiful woman in her village and everyone adored her. Although she was raised in a poor household, her innerstrength shined through so brightly that everyone knew she was destined for greatness. Her father Raj was very proud of her and always spoke highly of her around his friends:

"My daughter is going to be the richest person that was ever born in this village" he bragged to the other farmers.

"One day day she is going to take me and my wife away from all of this poverty and buy us the biggest house in the city" he would say.

The other farmers just laughed at his outlandish dreams:

"Is she stronger than my son" Suraj the farmer would say.

"Is she smarter than my son" Ishaan the shopkeeper would say.

"No but she has been blessed from above and no man or woman shall surpass her greatness" Raj declared.

But many of the villagers were jealous of Nindi's beauty and intelligence, they prefered to shine the spotlight on their son's who had less talent. Raj was growing older and sicker and he had no son's but he was not mad, he knew Nindi was destined for greatness.

One day when her mother Riya was tired and sick, she asked Nindi to go down to the river to wash some clothes. Nindi had been very busy working around the farm that day and decided to go down to the river an hour before sunset. She was very quick at washing and knew that she could make it back before sundown. The river was a 20 minute walk from her farm so she moved as quickly as possible. She was always very light on her feet and very athletic like her father. As a young man he was the fastest runner in the village, no one could touch his speed. As she walked to the river Nindi felt like someone was following her in the bushes and kept looking over her shoulders. Little did she know that a group of 6 men from the village were following her as she walked. When she reached the river she quickly washed the clothing and began to return home but she was confronted by the group of men. They grabbed her and dragged her in to the bushes as she screamed:

"Please do not hurt me, I have a family I must take care of" she yelled.

"Be quite if you do not struggle this will be over very quickly" a man's voice said.

She could feel the clothes being torn from her body as she struggled. Then she fell to her knees and started screaming in agony. She could feel the rage and fear welling upinsideher. It seemed like all her hopes and dreams were coming to an end at that very moment and suddenly she began to fight back. She punched one of her attackers in the face and he fell back, but two others held both her arms. She tore away from their grips but fell to the ground and cut her forehead. That's when it happened; that's when she began to feel a pulsating strength flowing through her body. She got up and kicked one of her attackers in the groin and then scratched another.

"What is happening to me" she wondered.

"I feel so much strength, were is it coming from" she thought.

It was getting very dark but she could somehow see the faces of her attackers even more clearly. It was as though she had some sort of night vision. She punched three of her attackers to the ground with such force that they could not get up. Then she lifted another up in the air by the neck and threw him against a tree. One began screaming:

"She is a devil, run, she is not a woman" and took off in to the forest.

"He is right" said another, "she is cursed".

Nindi could feel her feet leave the ground as she began to levetate five feet in the air. All of her attackers ran off in fear and as her anger began to disipate she floated back to the ground thinking:

"What am I?"

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