Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas: Are they "Dating?"

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Submitted: September 20, 2009

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Submitted: September 20, 2009



Now! This is where it gets interesting.

Anyone remember the ddlovato incident that invovled sick comments on her kid sister? No? Well, guess what? I do.

The guys justification was that he was proving a point...

That Demi Lovato won't reply to anyone.


Wanna know the irony?

He was right.

She doesn't reply to a single one of my messages. Not one that I send her. No matter how much I hope for a reply. It will never happen.

Oh well.


I mean, c'mon!

She's a celebrity! She's got a schedule more busy than the processor on the computer I'm using! (Ah, my inner nerd. So nice to see you again). She doesn't have time to talk to people of whom it would take a good amount of time to have a decent conversation with. (Oh god I've been down that road). And she most certainly won't talk to people like the guy who sent her those tweets.

'Call me' naive, Sure. But Demi 'is' naive. She's completely mesmerised by the slightest piece of attention she gets from a fan. But she doesn't get the way people, and I'm not talking about pepperrazi or media, no. I mean real people. Just regular guys and gals, eating away at her. We're not her friends, we're not even a symbolic crowd at a metaphorical stadium. We're strangers to her. 

And I'm pretty sure when a stranger starts throwing threats and sick comments at someone. It harrasment, and undeniable prosecution... By a judge, or people like me.

Nah, I don't know Demi. But, I do know stuff from what she wrote herself. My opinion of her is that she thinks way too much. But hey, other than that she's cool. So now let me ask you;

How do you see Demi Lovato?

 When you see her on the TV.

Do you see Sonny Monroe?

When you see her on stage.

Do you see a perfect performer?

When you meet her in person.

Do you see a 'human'? 

We. Even I. We, see things that aren't there. We seem to think that when you meet a celebrity, they'll act in the way we expect. Demi, she's just a teenager, she has the need to be on the internet for hours, talk to friends for ages and have a social life which seems practically unhealthly. But she has a job. and part of that job is to sell an image, a personality. That's the price of fame. To her, this job is her career. Her life. And I'm willing to bet, it's amazingly surreal. 

I mean, c'mon. Why do you think they call it "living the dream?" 

So, here's the secret: The Tree. did you know it's alive? But would you have thought it. It doesn't act like it's alive. It doesn't play fetch with us like our dogs do. It doesn't purr like when we pet our cats. It just sit's there. Seemingly doing nothing. But it is alive. It's scientifical fact.

What is real? And what is not? 

What is a lie? And what is not?

What do you really see? And what do you not?

"Let there be lies around me. And so dare I decide to listen. But look closely upon their chains, for that even hint of but one kink. A lie is a lie, that is what is real to me. So I see, through my eyes, what is real to see. And so deception shall be seen through... Should your eyes alter to the light."

*See through deception.

Some of us want Demi Lovato to write to us, and some of us just want to spread lies and hurt her for whatever reason. If you really want to meet Demi, then just make sure, you don't expect anything or underestimate anything that could happen. Be in the moment, and detach yourself from deceptive thoughts (OH dude. I sound a friggin jedi). If you just want to talk to demi over the internet, well then, don't ask anything personal. She's not going to know your trustworthy just because you know who she is. If anything, write something funny to her. I think she'd appreciate that. Also remember, just because you know what a piece of paper feels like, if your not holding it, you don't know what it feels like at that moment. We aren't demi's friends, we are strangers. But don't be afraid of that.

After all.

You can't make new friends unless you first talk to a stranger! (*Thanks Hays)

As for Nick and Demi Dating? Well, by law, it is a basic human right to privacy. That's saying that these people aren't posers.

Like I said. Call me naive.

Well, I think that's really all I can say on the matter.

Heh-heh. Chow!

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