I Turned On Inoue Joe

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I tried to make this less gory than the less insight one. *Tip: Try listening to the song, and remembering the story to get the full picture of what I see. (That goes for "Trapt - Headstrong" too!) :D

Submitted: May 30, 2009

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Submitted: May 30, 2009



I turned on "Inoue Joe - Closer,"

And this is what I see:

A forest… A magnificent forest… Tranquil and grand… Full and flourishing… With adventure just waiting inside it for someone to discover.

In the forest, it is harmonious. But through the leaves, the trees, all the small pieces of life, past all the bushes, shrubs and roots, yes through the forest into a centre clearing, where someone waits, and prepares... Could this be our hero?

He practices his still postures. First to the front. Then to the left. Then to the right. He finally stands naturally, smiles, and thrust his eyes open to the front - His enemies appear!

There were Ninja, Shinobi, everywhere, all after him, but he didn't care, he swerved and he ducked and he looped, kicked and punched and blasted his opponents backwards, sideways and upwards, all the while being ever so soft. No matter how many ninja appeared, no matter what tricks or weapons they used, they did not stand a chance, he was too powerful, and was enjoying himself too much.

The ninja tried a smokescreen, but our hero rose to the air, and crafted a wind from his legs, and in a powerful blast of thick dense air, his foes were knocked off their feet.

Our hero landed powerfully. The smokescreen now cleared, but also revealing the Shinobi in pause, as a new foe stood across the clearing. Big, Tall, Strong. He stood much higher than our hero, revealing his powerful muscles to the world, holding a massive club in hand, resting it upon his shoulder.

Our hero smirked, and whipped a feather into his hand, swiftly casting it dangerously at the massive brute. The foe stood prepared, our Hero’s smirk widened, all of a sudden, a thousand feathers appears, all identical, thrusting towards the enemy who still stood strong, and as they reached him... They began to tickle him.

Before he new what was happening, the muscle power house was off guard, and our hero, appeared quite lightning fast and knocked him back afar across the clearing. He rolled and sat, hardly wounded, but completely taken a back. But the other ninja acted, and once again began to attack!

Our hero took on the Shinobi without fear. He was skilful in combat, graceful in life, and had fused these two abilities together. He jumped, and he swooped, his palms thrusting, his wrists blocked and he was ready to win. But something was wrong.

Up high on a hill, stood an old man dressed assertively and traditionally. He stood powerfully, his face almost masked by the headwear he wore. In his powerful grip next to him, was a woman. It was our hero's love.

The old man spoke; “Give up!” He assured our hero there was no way to win. They had her. She would die, if he did anything. “Forget about me!” she yelled, ‘it was up to him to defeat them,’ she told him. He couldn't give up because of her.

The Shinobi stood still in the clearing. They awaited on the hill. Our hero was locked with his eyes on the clear path between him, and the ‘Great Shadow’, the ruler of the Ninja, who was on the hill… The one who had his love.

He focussed his power in his palm, loosening the tension in his feet. And in a swift moment, he was propelling himself with amazing footsteps up the hill.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion.

He ran hard to save his love, power gathering in his palm, all while every Ninja was throwing or attacking with a Shinobi Kunai Knife, directly at his love. Faces seem to stand still, hearts seemed to just freeze. Even the Great Shadow was attacking the young girl! What could be done? How could this possibly end? How could good triumph? What was coming next?

The music began to wine down. And our hero stood, with Kunai all over his body. His love was on the ground, pushed out of the way. The Great Shadow, with his kunai in our hero's Chest. The Shinobi and all enemies, completely shocked, some of them vanishing in a hiss of green smoke at what they saw, at what had happened . And our hero stood with a kunai, in the Great Shadow's Chest. It was over...

And so was the song.

© Copyright 2019 Stephen Fatewright. All rights reserved.

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