- A Way With Words -

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A Way With Words.

Submitted: March 16, 2013

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Submitted: March 16, 2013



A Way With Words.

Some days I feel far from strong;

I feel like I would fly away,

To somewhere else, where I belong,

To somewhere I can face the day.

So when the day has been too long,

And I want to abandon Earth,

I write poems, I write songs,

I write wrongs; A way with words.


Because when I write I levitate,

Ascend into the cool night air,

And float in a euphoric state,

Free from my Earthly despair.

So with my pen I can escape,

Into this World that I deserve,

Into this world that I create,

A million miles; A way with words.


And tonight is one of those times,

When I feel I need desperately,

To use my reason and my rhymes,

To help to set my spirit free.

To spill my heart on printed lines,

And transform my pain into verse,

Until the light within me shines,

And my soul flies; A way with words.


So I build my wings from nouns and verbs,

And take off from this mortal plain,

Into the velvet I return,

Never to be seen again.

And from up high I watch the World,

With stillness that I’ve seldom felt.

As I look down upon the birds,

A way with words; my troubles melt.

© Copyright 2018 Stephen Fieldsend. All rights reserved.