- Beautiful Creation -

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Beautiful Creation.

Submitted: March 16, 2013

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Submitted: March 16, 2013



Beautiful Creation:

When you look in the mirror

You see a child of Eve and Adam;

I see molecules and atoms.

And when you feel love

You feel a gift bestowed by God;

I feel a chemical reaction.


You believe in creation

That we began in the Garden of Eden;

Evolution is what I believe in.

Because I trust in science

But you put your trust in things you can’t prove;

Because you know in your heart they are true.


You see life as heaven-sent,

A privilege we should give thanks to God for;

You believe that our souls live for ever more.

I see tiny insignificant lives

On a miniscule rock in an infinite sky;

Gone in the blink of eternity’s eyes.


You see famine and plague

As proof that God works in mysterious ways;

Whereas I see only pain.

You see poverty and war

And see it as part of God’s plan;

I see the suffering caused by Man.


You know your scripture

I know my own mind;

We both think we know what is wrong and what’s right.

We must be true to ourselves

Though the other may think it’s nonsense;

We both have to live with our conscience.


Because both of us are on this Earth

Although we may disagree as to why;

And we both will live and die.

And although we both may differ

On whether there’s something out there;

We both breathe the same air.


And regardless of whether we have a soul

We both feel joy and pain and love

And we both need hope to keep out the cold.

And although I tell mine to poems

And you pray and believe that God hears;

We both speak of the same worries and fears.


And though we may never be able to agree

On how the stars got put in the sky;

We both sleep under them every night.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter which.

God’s most beautiful creation;

Or nature’s sweetest gift.

© Copyright 2018 Stephen Fieldsend. All rights reserved.