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Submitted: March 13, 2013

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Submitted: March 13, 2013




I’m sorry if I’m not enough.

I’m sorry if I’m incomplete.

Believe me that I want so much,

To be all you’d like me.

Forgive me, for I’ll never meet

The standards that you’d set for me.


Well the last free breath that I ever drew,

Was my last before I first met you.

Because from that moment on I somehow knew,

That I would always belong to you.

And that you would become a part of me.

So when you’re not here I’m not complete.


And how can I be truly whole?

When mind, body, and soul,

I’m completely yours to have and hold.

And you hold all the missing parts.

You took my love, you stole my heart;

I’ve been yours since the very start.

And ever since that fateful day,

When you first took my breath away.

Every breath I’ve tried to take,

You’ve taken from me, like a thief,

So when you’re not here I’m not complete;

You are the very air I breathe.


So if someone offered me a choice

And my heart had to choose between

A life in a world without your love

Where it would beat eternally

Or just to have one single beat

In a world where your heart beat for me

Then my grateful heart would beat its last.

And I could leave this world


© Copyright 2018 Stephen Fieldsend. All rights reserved.

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