- Where The Long Shadows Fall -

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Where The Long Shadows Fall.

Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013



Where The Long Shadows Fall:


In the deepest of forests, where the sun cannot reach,

Grows a sickly young sapling with yellowing leaves.

Starved of the sunlight it desperately needs

This tree, in the quest for the light that it seeks,

May grow very quickly

But will also grow weak.


Beneath an old bridge, where the sun cannot shine,

Grows a non-descript wildflower clinging grimly to life.

It’s blissfully unaware that it is deprived.

Because the wildflower that has never seen the sunlight

Cannot differentiate

Between day and night.


In the gloomiest corner of the darkest of caves

Grows a shrub that has lived in perennial shade.

But given the choice it would not change its ways.

For the shrub that has not known the sun’s warming rays

Will seek only darkness

For the rest of its days.


In the dingiest garden by a crumbling wall

Grows a withering rosebush, depleted and small.

It yearns for the sun but the bricks are too tall.

And this rose that has grown where the long shadows fall

May flower only briefly;

Or never at all.

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