The Lingering Melody of Unconsciousness

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A strange dream I had.

Submitted: February 03, 2014

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Submitted: February 03, 2014



The Lingering Melody of Unconsciousness


As I slowly began my steady decent out of unconsciousness, I saw a very familiar road. Dark gray roads intersected each other and a concrete sidewalk embedded the adjacent path. On the eastern most curb sat a vandalized bus stop. Patrons strolled by disengaged to their surrounding reality.

I looked upon this, ever so familiar, scene and decided to tour the fabricated creations of my hazed cranium. Crossing the street I made my way to the heavily treaded sidewalk. As I continued the bewildered stride through twilight, I noticed the road began twisting. Soon enough, the paths were serial and had no consistency. Unaffected by this strange turn of events I continued my journey.

Passersby’s appearances, at first, seemed anchored in reality, but as the shadows of time inched forward their appearances twisted just as the road did. Grotesque, bizarre, unearthly creatures now populated my perception. Rules of reality no longer applied. Colors revolted, denying their rightful places they continuously shifted positions. My presence then became noticed. The bystanders would turn their unnatural heads towards me as I passed beside. Fear would have overwhelmed my sanity in consciousness, but I was not conscious. All that lingered in my fragile dislodged mind was curiosity.

A soft, tranquil tune that amplified the engulfing madness emerged from the abyss and began flowing through my ears. Still egger and motivated to pursue this peculiar quest, I continued. A giant woman with a distorted body, wearing a white tutu and a flesh colored face mask sluggishly approached ahead. Just as she turned her hidden face toward me, lyrics harmonized with the eerie music. Hellooo passerrrbyyyyy.

My curiosity depleted as the perplexing panorama grew more freakish. The supernatural denizens glided down the topsy-turvy route perfectly synchronized with the haunting sonata turned song; a mangled face peering into my eyes, Hellooo passerrrbyyyyy. Blotted proportion featured a small haggard man. Hellooo passerrrbyyyyy. A tall slender woman arched forward, tilting her oblong head so she could link gazes. Hellooo passerrrbyyyyy.

Overwhelmed by the chaotic constitution of this contorted construction I awoke from my vacant actuality. Echoes of the ominous delusion were all that remained. Stumbling to the lands of reality I attended my morning routines. Methodically pushing on threw the mornings precipitations. Yet, in my dazed mentality the eerie melody maintained its potency. Hellooo passerrrbyyyyy.

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