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Defining LGBT

Submitted: January 20, 2012

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Submitted: January 20, 2012



Hello everybody I’m unlike most Americans, that’s because I’m gay. Most people these days don’t seem to understand that gay really means, and those that are coming out is one of the biggest fears they will have to face. Well lets let you all into our minds shall we?

Gay men normally have the same sexual feelings that a straight female would to a man. Gay women normally have the same feelings that a straight man would to another woman. The sad thing is that people fell that there families would be ashamed or not except them for who they really are. But the truth is some do except us and some don’t. I struggled for years and with other things going on in my life I was afraid to tell my parents the truth. One day I just sat down and started writing a letter telling how I felt with my loves, my hates, my fears, and my lies. When I was done I put it in my mother’s purse, and waited. After three days she and my stepfather called me over and told me that they loved me and I had nothing to be afraid of. Now the truth is with most families they may have trouble understanding what you are going through, or my think it’s just a faze, it’s not a faze. Then to those who think your born that way that’s not always true either.

Now the feelings of homosexually as changed a lot over history throughout the years. In agent Rome many men thought it as a honor and that it was the highest level of love that there was, but things change. In the 1970’s a man named Harvey Milk started a fight for gay rights as the rest of the country tried bring them down. Milk was liked by many people gays and straight. One thing he stud for saw for equal rights for all Americans young, old, black, white, male, female, gay, and straight. Milk wanted a world that all people could live together as they looked past the differences, and as they looked at the good in each other. Sadly like many speakers of his day he was murdered. That didn’t change things though, over the years the movement started to rise again. Some celebrities started to indorse it. In the mid 1990’s a woman who many of us all know just as Ellen came out on her TV show. Today she still stands as a grate person who’s fans know no bounds. Then just lately season eight runner up of American Idol Adam Lambert also admitted he was gay. The past several years things have been changing a lot in America. Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, New York and Washington, D.C. all allow gay marriage In California, same-sex marriages were performed for the last half of 2008.The only thing people like to say or think is that its wrong, not true.

John 13:34

All of us are on this world for a reason what’s yours? To hate, to lie, to judge, to cause pain. Lets stand together of once and show that we truly do care, God bless.

“A new command I give you: love one another. As I have loved, so you must love one another. John 15:12 “This is my command: Love each other.” Some like to say that all of this is blasphemy, but how many of you really know the meaning of that word? Blasphemy means: something showing disrespect for religion or something done or said that shows disrespect for God or sacred things. We all are Gods children and brothers & sisters to Jesus Christ. Together we all share a royal blood line with them thus making a part of God.


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