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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Stephen

This is a Story of 4 Friends Who lead a normal life by going to work and when they meet they plan robbery.


This is the Story of 4 Friends Rahul, Imran, (Aashka- Female) and Pratap.  Who are into different professions, at the same time they are Robbers. The Story Opens with a Bank Robbery. They Enter the bank with guns and Rob a Bank and escape from there.  

Rahul- Ha ha Aaj tho bhaut Maal loota maza aa gaya.

Pratap- Isi tarah se Logo ko loot te rahe tho Ek kaam karne ki hi Zarrorat nahi.

Imran- Abhi tho aur aage jaana hai hume aur Aamir banna hai.

Aashka- Of Course hum aur Aamir banegae, Humare paas Dono hai Dimag aur Daring.

Rahul- Ok guys lets share our money get back to our normal life.

Narrator- They share their money and get back to their normal Life.

Narrator- Aashka is in her office. Her Boss comes to her.

Boss- Aashka please send me 3 Quotation’s soon. 

Askha – ok Sir, I will do that Immediately.

Narrator- Askha gets a phone call from Rahul He is a jim instructor 

Askha-  Hello Rahul,

Rahul- Hey Askha busy hai kya?

Askha- office main hu yaar busy tho rahungi office main jo hu.

Rahul- News dekh ya paper read kar kal ka bank robbery paper main aaya hai.

Askha – kya baat kar raha hai yaar. Par wo log hum tak pahuch nahi paayenge.

Rahul – Tumhara matalab police right. Any ways main phone rakta hu.

Askha – Ya bye.

Narrator Now is the Entry of Inspector Kaamat. He reaches the Bank where Robbery takes place. He Inqiuers about the Robbery.

Inspector Kaamat-  Kya Kisine Wo Chor ka Chera dekha tha.

Bank Emplooye-  No Sir, Unlogo ne Mask pehn liya tha.

Inspector- Kaamat- ok . Ye log jo koi bhi hai ab Zyaada din tak Police se bachega nahi.

Narrator- There is Character in this Story,  Raja Anna , He owns 7 Beer Bar in the city, He has a son named Vicky Who is a Spoilt Brat. Vicky at his Dads bar.

Vicky- Dad Muje dus huzaar ki Zarrorat hai, Friends ko Birthday party dena hai.

Raja Anna- Of Course beta, dus kya Bees le lo, After all tum mere ek hi bete ho.

Vicky – Thanks Dad.

Narrator- Vicky goes and Enjoys with his friends. Its 9pm . Aaskaha is standing there Waiting for a Auto.

Vicky- Hello Baby do you want a lift.

Aaskaha-  Do you want a slap,

Narrator – Vicky gets down from the jeep. He walks towards, Askha, There passes a Police Van , He Stops there and tells Aaskaha.

Vicky- Muje Tum Bahut achi lagi, Bhulunga nahi tumhe bye.

Narrator- Imran Works in garage, He has a good relationship with customers. One of the Customer Calls him for the party.  That Customers name is Santosh.

Santosh- Welcome to the Party Imran.

Imran- Thankyou Sir, Ap jaise bade logo ke party main aane ka chance kam hi milta hai.

Santosh- Last Week mera chota accident hua tha, Tab isi paanwalwe mera help kiya,

Imran- Ap ka naam kya hai Paan wale bhaisaab.

Chinto-  Humara naam chintoo hai.

Santosh- Chaliye Chintoo ji main apko kahi le chalta hu. Imran tum bhi chalo saath.

Narrator- Santosh takes them on the First Floor, in a room where there is lot of money in a locker.

Santosh- Ye raha Locker aur isme bahut paisa hai, Ap ne time par meri help ki. Jitna chahiye le lo.

Narrator- Imran is surprised to see so much money in the locker. On the other hand Evening time, Pratap and Askha are having Panipuri.

Pratap- Yaar Aashka ye saamne itna bada building dekh rahi hai, Yaar its my dream, Ek din isme mera bhi Flat ho.

Aaskaha- Of Course Yaar, Ek din Humara aise hi flat hoga. Aur bahut jaldi hoga. Chal ab Pani puri Enjoy kar.

Narrator- Next Evening Imran Calls Every body for a meeting. They Meet at the Sea Face.

Rahul- What Happened Imran? Itni Urgently hum sabko bulaya.

Imran – Ek bahut acha Proposal hai. Wo Mera ek Fix Customer hai Santosh. Do Din Phele main uske ghar gaya tha party pe bulaya tha. Yaar uske ghar main ek Locker hai, Bahut Paisa hai usne. Ye Sunday wo bahar jaa raha hai, Acha Mauka hai uska Tijori Lootne ka.

Rahul – Ok then Let’s do it.

Narrator – Its Sunday afternoon All four of them r standing out of the bungalow. The road is empty Pratap quietly moves near the Watchman takes a Knife out and touches his neck he tells the Watch man to open the gate. They break open the door and within 10 minutes Break the Locker. After the Robbery, they all go Separate and go different ways.  Rahul Takes the Money with him, As Askakha is Having Cold Drink at the shop. Vicky Comes with boys.

Vicky- Hello Baby Pyaas lagi hai, Tumhe Dekh kar muje bhi Pyaas lagti hai.

Askaha- Dekho tum muje pareeshan mat karo. Tum Muje jaante nahi ho.

Vicky- Tumhe janna chahta hu, Isliye tho Pareeshan karta hu. Tumhara naam kya hai.

Narrator- Aaskha just leaves from there.

Narrator- Inspector Kaamat reaches Santosh’s bungalow, at the Robbery site,

Santosh- Inspector Saab main Sunday ko bahar gaya tha, Us time pe ye sab hua.

Inspector Kaamat- Ap ke is room ke locker ke baare main kaun Janata tha, Koi aaya tha yaha pe.

Santosh – Are ha 4 din phele ek Paan wala aur Imran ek Garage Wala aaya tha.

Inspector Kaamat- Muje in Dono ka Address chahiye.

Narrator- Inspector Kaamat Inquires with Paanwala and then goes Imran.

Inspector Kaamat- Imran tum kaha par the jab Santosh ke ghar chori hui.

Imran- Main apne ghar pe So raha tha.

Inspector Kaamat- Tumhare pass koi proof hai.

Imran- No Sir.

Inspector Kaamat- Ok main chalta hu.

Narrator- Inspector Kaamat tells a Hawaldar to keep a watch on Imran. On the other hand, Vicky goes to meet international Client who are Coming to India Clients name is Mr. Saxena.

Vicky- Welcome to India Mr. Saxena .

Mr. Saxena – Thank you Vicky.  Tum jaante ho Hum kyun mil rahe hai.

Vicky – Yes Yes Of Course. Wo Machine ke Liye jis se Tum log nakli note banate ho.

Mr. Saxena- Hum Humare saath kuch nakli notes lekar aaye hai. Ap sample pieces Dekhlo .

Vicky- Vow ye tho same to same hai. Ok Mr. Saxena Deal Final.

Mr. Saxena- Thik hai hum Ek Nakli Note ka full Consignment bhejenge .

Vicky- Ok Sir. Done.

Narrator- Its Morning time Aaska is gone for Jogging. As she is coming  back From Jogging, Vicky’s men come from a van and kidnap her take her in a room. One of his Men Tarun Calls up Vicky.

Tarun – Hello Vicky Sir humne Us ladki ko Kidnap kar liya hai.

Vicky – Very good Zara use phone dena.

Tarun. Hey Ladki humare Sir ko tumse baat karni hai.

Vicky- Hi Baby pehchaana muje,

Askaha- Oh tum how dare you do this to time.

Vicky – Kya karu yaar jab se tumhe dekha hai I just can’t forget you, Is waqt main bahar hu see you in the evening baby.  Tarun uske saath hi rehna. Bye.

Narrator- Tarun is sitting with friend Monish.

Monish- Yaar ye kal apne office main koi Mr. Saxena aaya tha.

Tarun- Yaar ye Mr. Saxena jo hai wo Dubai se aaya hai, Wo Jali notes banata hai, Aur Vicky saab ko wo bahut bada  Consignment dene wala hai. Mumbai main bahut Saare Nakli notes Supply hone wala hai.

Narrator- Askaha hears all this . She uses her brains. Its Evening Vicky come Home. As soon as Vicky enters in the room Askaha Smiles at him.

Aaskha- Hello  Sweetheart.

Vicky- Ho Ho Kya Baat hai. Aj tumne muje Sweet Heart kaha. Maine tumhe Kidnap kiya hai Isliye.

Askaha – Nahi, Kyuki tume utna guts tha muje kidnap karne ka. Now its on you to trust me or no.

Vicky- Tum Aisa kya kar sakti ho ki muje tumpar trust ho.

Askaha- Tum jo kaho main Karungi,

Vicky – Kal Tum mere saath farm house Chalogi.

Askha- But on one condition Aj muje ghar jaane do ,Mom ruki hogi.

Vicky- Fine see you tomorrow.

Narrator- Next Day Aaskaha goes with Vicky in his Bungalow. He tries to come Close to her she allows him little bit, gets him drunk, and takes out the plan of jali note. Next Day She meets her Team. And Explains them everything.

Rahul- Wa Askaha kya bakra Fasaaya yaar tune. Ab us jaali note ko hum hi Lootenge.

Narrator- A week passes by A Bundle of jaali note are send to India. As the jaali note is Brought in the Van, Rahul and his group surrounds the Van. Rahul Tells the Van driver to get down, they are in the Mask,  The driver gets down and they Escape with the Van. Vicky is very angry and Screams on his People. Even Askaha is there.

Vicky- Are Kisne humare Van ko Churaya, Kiska humare plan ka pata chala, Pata Lagana hai.

Aaskha- Don’t worry darling Sab thik ho jayega.

Narrator- Few Days Later with that Fake note they go for some Shopping and Party.

Imran – Yaar kisko pata tak nahi chala ki ye Fake note hai. Ek dum real note lag raha hai.

Pratap- Whats your next plan?

Aaskha- Aise Hi us Vicky ko bewakoof banoongi, Hume uske Boss tak Pahuchna hai.

Narrator- Rahul is in house with his Parents.

Rahuls Mom- Beta tumhari, Shaadi ka Umar ho rahi, Tumhari GirlFriend hai ya Koi ladki dekho.

Rahul- No Mom Meri koi Girl Friend nahi hai.  Ap jo ladki se Bologe main shaadi karunga.

Rahuls Mom- Wa Mera bada Sanskari beta hai tu. Thik hai Ek Ladki hai , Sunday ko jaate hai.

Narrator- All the Four Friends are at Resort.

Aaskha- Kya baat hai humara Dost kal Ladki dekne jaa raha hai.

Imran- Chalo humare group main kisi ki tho shaadi ho rahi hai.

Pratap – Yaar tere Shaadi main hum bahut drink karenge aur Naachenge.

Rahul- Hello, Phele ladki tho pasand aane do.

Narrator- Aaskha is in a Business party.

Boss – Aaj Humari Company ko 10 Saal ho gaye, Let’s Celebrate Enjoy the Party. Bosses Wife is also there at the party.  She is wearing a Diamond.

Aaskha-  Good evening Mam Nice Saree.

Bosses Wife. - Thankyou Aaskaha. Tumhari bahut Tarif hoti hai ki tum bahut hard working ho.

Aaskha- Hard Work tho karna hi hai, Varna kuch Milta nahi.

Bosses Wife- Right. Excuse me main Zara wash room jaakar aati hu.

Narrator- Aaskaha Follows Bosses wife. She hold her from behind press her mouth with Chloroform and makes her Unconscious and takes her Diamond and Escapes. After coming to Conscious

Bosses Wife- ( Screams)- Mera Diamond Kisine chori kiya. 

Narrator- After the Robbery Police Arrives.

Inspector Kaamat- Ap ka Diamond chori hua, Ap ko kisi pe shak hai.

Bosses Wife- Aise kaise kisi par shak karu. Yaha pe sab humare guest hai.

Inspector Kaamat- Sabki checking hogi.

Narrator- After checking all the Guest the Diamond is not found. While the guest leave the hall, Askaha goes to wash room where she hides the Diamond, takes it and goes home. Its Sunday Rahul goes with his Parents to meet the Girl. Girls name is Ayesha.

Ayesha- Mr Rahul Ap kaam kya karte hai?

Rahul- I am a jim instructor. Acha Kama Leta hu. Aur ap kya karti ho.

Ayesha- Main Hotel main as receptionst kaam kart hu.

Narrator After their First Meeting they decide to Meet Again and Again they Like each other . Its Wednesday Evening Aaskha and Imran are at the Mall. Even ins Kaamat is at the mall ,

Imran- Aaskaha Acha hua tu mere Saath Mall Aayi , Mere Girl Friend ke Liye tu hi koi Gift Dekh.

Aaskha- Aisa gift select Karungi, Teri girlfriend kal hi tuje shaadi ke liye propose karega.

Ins Kaamat- Hello Imran.

Imran- Hello Inspector Saab kaise ho?

Ins Kaamat- First Class, Aur yaha mall main kya kar rahe ho.

Imran- Main yaha apni Girl Friend ke Liye gift lene aaya hu. By the way ye meri dost hai Aaskha.

Ins Kaamat- Lagta hai maine tumhe kahi dekha hai.

Aaskha- Ladki patane ka bahut purana style hai Sir. Hey Imran Chalna gift lena hai na.

Narrator- Imran and Askaha Leave from there. One Day Rahul takses Ayesha to his New Flat.

Rahul- Ye Raha mera New Flat, did you Like it.

Ayesha- No, I Loved it. M Sure you will prove to be a good husband.

Narrator- They both hug each other. One Night Pratap Enters one House and try’s to break open a Cupboard Locker that is the time owner wakes up Screams he and his Family Catch hold of Pratap tie him by the chair and he is arrested by Inspector Kaamat.  Next Day Askha reads the news Paper and gives a call to Rahul.

Rahul – Hi Aaskha,

Aaskha- Hey tune aaj ka newspaper read kiya. Apna Pratap pakda gaya.

Rahul – Are kya baat kar rahi hai yaar. Shit yaar ye tho problem ho gayi. Thik hai hum sab raat ko milte hai. Phir discuss karenge.

Narrator- They all meet at Night.

Rahul- Bewakoof kahi ka kya Zarrorat thi waha jaane ki, Ab Use bahar Nikalne ka plan banana padega.

Imran- Kal jab use Court se jail leke jaayenge tab use waha se nikal sakte hai.

Aaskha- Lekin isme bahut Risk hai.

Rahul- Risk tho lena padega.

Narrator- Next Day As the Pratap is heading towards jail in the Police Van, Aaskha comes in Car and overtakes the Van Behind the Van Follows Rahul and Imran, Aaskha turns the Car near the Van . The Policeman suddenly presses the break, Both the Policemen break the glasses fall from the Van Rahul takes out the gun shoots on the behind door, The Police Men from behind open the door and Fire, Pratap jumps from the Van and Sits On Imran’s bike , One Hawaldar is shot dead , They all Escape. Inspector Kaamat is annoyed. The injured Hawaldar informs them they were three.

Ins Kaamat- Wo Teen the Aur ye Pratap, Matlab ye wahi group hai, jo chori kar raha hai. Unke Vajah se ek police ki death ho gayi. Ab main un logo ko nahi chodunga.

Narrator- Aaskha takes Pratap to Vickys Bunglow.

Pratap- Ye tum muje kaha le aayi,

Askha- Ye Vicky ka Bunglow hai , Tum yaha safe rahoge.  Hey Vicky,

Vicky- Hi Sweetheart,

Aaskaha- Hey Vicky, He is My bro Pratap kya ye yaha kuch dino ke liye rahe sakta hai.

Vicky -Of Course Sweetheart. Tumhara bhai hai yaha rehne sakta hai. Lekin aaj tume bhi mere saath rehna hoga, Lets Enjoy Tonight.

Aaskha – Yes of Course Sweetheart.

Narrator- Its Night Time After Dinner, Pratap is taking a walk . He goes on the Balcony and he peeps in Vickys room he looks Aaskha is in Vickys arm. He is worried for her. Later on Aaskha comes out.

Aaskha- Pratap tu abhi tak Soya nahi.

Pratap- Hey Maine abhi Vicky ke room main dekha tu uske baaho main thi. M worried for you.

Askha- Don’t Worry main sambhal lungi, Hum jis raaste par chal pade hai usme ye sab tho karna padega.

Pratap- Kal jab Police muje le gayi main bahut darr gaya tha. Thanks to all of you.

Aaskha – Shut Up ha kya thanks,  Ab hum dost hai aur Vicky ke same tuje bhai banaya. Chal goodnight.

Narrator- Its Rahuls Marriage Day, All His Friends are enjoying at his Marriage. After the Marriage they are on the way to their homes, Aaska and Pratap are on their way to Vickys Bunglow. Inspector Kaamat is standing in the middle of the Road with police Force. Pratap turns the Car Cops Fire on the Car , Pratap drives the Car in speed but the Tyre gets Punctured. Pratap and Aaskaha get down from the Car but Pratap is killed by The Cops and Aaska Escapes and reaches Vicks Bunglow Next day she is watching News she is shocked at Pratap Death. On the Other Hand Rahul is with wife.

Rahul- kal raat pheli baar achi neend aayi .

Ayesha- Hmm Muje bhi achi Neend Aayi.

Narrator- Next Day Aaskha Calls up Rahul and tells him everything.  Trios Meet.

Rahul- Unbelieve Pratap ab humare beech nahi raha.

Imran- Hum us Inspector ko nahi chodenge.

Aaskaha – Humare Haath ek Hawaldar margaya wo Inspector peche hi pad gaya. Agar is Inspector ko Mara puri police force  peche lag jayega.

Rahul – Ab hum kuch din tak shaant rahenge. Baad main dekhte hai.

Narrator- Aaskha is on her way to boarding the train to Delhi for office work. Inspector Kaamat is Waiting at the station to arrest Aaskha.

Inspector Kaamat- Welcome Aaskha , Tho tum delhi jaa rahi ho. Par tum nahi jaa sakti, U r under Arrest.

Narrator- Aaskha Hits her hand bag on Inspector Kaamat s Face and Escapes. There is running seen between Aaskha and Cops . Aaskaha Doggies him and Escapes. She runs back to the Station to delhi. Aaskaha calls up Rahul from delhi.

Aaskaha – Hey Rahul I reached safely to Delhi.

Rahul- Thank God I was worried for you. Ok you take care bye.

Aaskha- Bye.

Narrator- Rahul is at home with his Wife.

Rahul- Ayesha is yellow Saare main tum hot lag rahi ho.

Ayesha- Tumhara Iraida kya hai.?

Rahul- Tum ache se jaanti ho.

Narrator – They both have good time with each other.  Inspector kaamat reconizes where he had seen

Asakaha, He goes and meets her boss.

Boss- Inspector Saab ap Diamond ka pata chala.

Inspector – Wo bhi pata chal jayega, Wo ladki Aaskha jo apke office main Kaam karti hai uska address chahiye.  Use ne apke Wife ka diamond chori kya hai.

Boss – What are you saying Inspector, she is a very nice and hardworking girl.

Inspector Kaamat -Nice ka tho pata nahi, Hard Working tho hai, Lekin chori main she is a Professional robber. Now come on will you please give me the address.

Boss-  Wo tho Delhi gayi hai.

Inspector Kaamat- Tho Wo Delhi pahuch gayi. Ab jaise main kehta hu Waise hi karna.

Narrator- Aaskha is back from Delhi, Boss Calls her at Coffe Shop for a meeting there Aaskaha is arrested by inspector Kaamat. 

Inspector Kaamat- M Sure tumhe pata hai tum police Custody main ho. Tum Izzat se Tumhare gang ka naam bata do, Varna Tumhe Bahut bhari pad sakta hai.

Aaskha – Karlo jo karana hai. Main nahi darti.

Narrator- Cops Hit her Torcher her, Still she doesn’t open her mouth. She is dragged to the Court.  While she is coming out of the Court towards the Police Van. Imran Dashes the Hawaldar on the bike, Shoots one police on his leg, Aaskaha sits on the bike and Escapes, At the same time Inspector Kaamat comes with his Gang they follow Imran and Aaskaha.  Police Stars Firing Imran is killed Aaska escapes.

Aaskha – Humare do Dost Maare jaa chuke hai. Ab hum Sirf Do hi Bache hai.

Rahul- Kya se kaya ho gaya yaar. Wo Inspector Hum tak Zarror Pahuchega. Hume kuch dino ke liye kahi door jana hoga.

Narrator- Aaskaha Wanted posters are stuck all over the City.

Aaskaha- Rahul Main tho gayi yaar . Ab tho mere pass ek hi raaste hai.

Narrator- Aaskaha Decides to Surrender herself to the Cops, Vickys a he Watches the News about Aaskha he is annoyed, He Guesses that even the jaali note was robbed by his gang. Vicky decides to kill Aaskha.  Vicky calls up Aaskaha and Tells her to meet at Particular place. Aaskha goes there Rahul quietly follows her, Aaskha is standing there Vicky comes Takes out the gun and shoots her, Rahul Comes running takes out his gun and shoots Vicky. Aaska dies on the Spot. Even Vicky is Dead , Rahul goes back and leads a normal life with his wife Cops are still looking out for the Robbers.


















Submitted: March 11, 2019

© Copyright 2021 stephenferrao. All rights reserved.

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