The Hungriest Dog I've Ever Seen

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My dog, Noah, was the hungriest dog I’ve ever seen. The only thing bigger than his appetite was the love he had for all of us. He may have been a dog, but he acted like more of a human than even some humans do. When he wasn’t running around with a chew toy dangling from his mouth or chasing after a ball we flung across the room, he was seated right there next to us at the dinner table just waiting for us to drop something by “accident” for him to scarf up. It didn’t matter what it was, he would eat it if he could get to it.

One time he even ate a giant chocolate bunny my brother had gotten for Easter. He left it sitting in the box on the floor overnight, and when we came downstairs the next morning, the bunny had mysteriously “escaped from its box”. We knew exactly what happened from the look of guilt and shame on Noah’s face, but I swear if he could talk he would have said it was worth it. How he didn’t get extremely sick from eating that bunny, we still don’t know, but he ate the entire thing without leaving a shred of chocolate behind. I guess his stomach was bigger than ours, because none of us would have ever been able to finish that in one sitting. For some reason, he loved eating our food more than his own. He was basically a living vacuum cleaner, zooming around the room sucking up any messes we made while leaving behind a trail of fur in its place. Sometimes he even crawled behind furniture just to pick up a crumb we didn’t even know existed. That was Noah; the silliest, hungriest dog I’ve ever seen.

Submitted: November 18, 2022

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