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well first off I would like to warn that it is a bit longer than your usual short story. but it is much to long to be considered otherwise, so here we are...

Submitted: March 19, 2008

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Submitted: March 19, 2008





A frail, beautiful word whose meaning does not exist...or rather it exists only in the minds of the weak and the lost. It is an allusion of light and love-Ready to invade the willing and disappoint the bearers. Well, at least that was what Belle had found.

Maybe it was her fault all along; maybe it was her denial that doomed her in the end...

This is the sad story of a girl whose name meant beauty. Her story was lost and forgotten by those of its time, but it has been brought back to life and re-lives in these pages.

Well, if her story is to be told correctly, we'd better start at the beginning:

The place: anywhere, the date: anytime; for this story may have died in Belle, but it has re-lived in many others throughout time and distance.

None the less, it was a sunny day. The kind of day to make you believe...believe in what?

In anything.

It was the sort of day that Belle treasured most...and on these treasured days, she usually joined her dearest friend down by the bay to dip their toes in the water and sing their deranged songs together. It may not be anything special, but it was their idea of fun.

The water was especially warm today, much to the ladies' likings. But they weren’t planning on staying long...the carnival was here today; and though two unescorted seventeen year old girls were certainly not aloud to go, they always found a way to sneak away.

"I hope the entertainment is good this year...last year it was, ummm, questionable." Belle wondered out loud, swaying her feet in slow rhythmic motions in the warm water.

"So do I. I mostly hope there are goodies!" Her friend exclaimed. Leave it to her to be worried about the food. But Belle loved that about her, she was never shy to hold anything back...just like how her friend admired Belle for her adventurous personality; which is pretty much the way they get themselves in the tricky situations they do. But that's what friends were for right? There for you through thick and thin...there until the end. That was the sort of friendship they thought they had; and so far it was true. No matter what Belle did or said to get them both in trouble, they stayed friends and never left each others side...

Except for that night.

It wasn't hard to sneak away. A simple cough here and a sneeze there, and the girls were easily able to convince their parents of a sickness. Both sent to bed early, they got dressed for the occasion (wearing masks so they are not recognized by the town folk)and made it to the entrance of the carnival at twilight's first sparkle.

It was busy, as usual, and it seemed bigger than usual. The sight was almost too much to bear. Where to head first with everything there was to see and experience?

"Look!" And Belle followed her friends’ finger, pointing to a buffet, "Let's go there first." She exclaimed.

Belle was ready to follow her friend to the delicious goodies they had in store for them when she was stopped in her tracks by a voice.it wasbeautiful, hypnotic and distinguished in so many ways than one. It was enough to keep Belle held in her trance, leaving her friend to go off alone, following an unknown path leading to the beauty that she seeks. It didn't lead her far, only a ways past the buffet and a tent and she saw the keeper of the voice. An odd one to be sure..., dark brown hair, almost black; he wasn’t from around here, she knew that much.But none the less it wasn't only his voice that had drawn her to him. He had an angelic-like face. Strong and promising structure, beautiful dark eyes...the blackest she's ever seen; and the palest ivory skin.

"Well hello there." He says smiling down at her, instrument in hand. She blushed and looked down, heart beating faster than ever.

"Hello sir. What's that you were singing?" Belle had asked in all politeness, praying that she had picked a topic vast enough to be able to talk to this strange man for a while.

"It's my native language," He explained, "Do you like it?" He asked his voice just as enchanting as when he sings.

"Very much...it sounds so beautiful...where do you come from?" Belle felt the need to ask. A language sounding as graceful as it did, she yearned to know the origin.

"My father is Italian, and my mother is Irish...but I grew up in my father’s home town, if that answers your question." He replied. And it did. It answered more than one, actually. His explanation also explained the odd mixture between his pale skin and his dark hair and eyes.

"Oh." Was all she could answer in her current state, but he wouldn't give up on her. Not now, not when there was so much to learn about her...

"What's your name?" He asked her, setting down his instrument beside him. Many people were staring at the two as they walked by...but the two were so intricate that they hadn't noticed.

“Belle.” She said simply, in a small voice. She felt so venerable, she felt as though she wanted to tell him everything about her, and she wanted to learn everything about him. How was that possible?

How can she feel so strongly about someone she’d just met? Logic told her it was impossible, but the loudness and the fast way her heart was beating in front of him told her otherwise.

“Nice to meet you Belle. I am William.” He said, breaking her thoughts, as he lifted her hand to him and kissed it lightly before leading her away.

“What are you doing?” She asked, but he didn’t answer, he just led her to an empty space where a group of violinists played.

Belle hadn’t thought about her friend as William led her away…in fact, she hadn’t thought about her friend for the rest of the night. She was too wrapped up in all that was William.

The violinists played their merry song, and William leant down to Belle-his face so close that she could feel the heat coming off his body on her skin.

“Dance with me.” He whispered in her ear, sending a shiver down her spine.

Bella didn’t answer, she simply followed his graceful movements as he led her around and about.

They twirled and danced and drank until dawn. They never tired of each others company; they made this night last as long as they could…Laughing together felt natural, conversation flowed without force, and the intensity of everything they did together was unmistakable. It was truly a night to remember, and Belle would remember.

As dawn’s first light began to present itself Belle had a sudden realization: She must go home before her parents wake.

Not wanting to leave each other so soon, William offered to walk Belle home; and who was Belle to decline such a polite offer?

And so, hand in hand they walked discretely, hiding in the early shadows, avoiding any other human being. This was completely unnecessary of course; Belle was still masked and unrecognizable, and William was an outlander-Unknown by everyone in his village or any other.

Still, Belle’s parents knew everyone here, someone was always watching, and if someone should recognize her…

Well, she didn’t want to think about the consequence. Though she was sure that whatever it would certainly be worth her hours spent with William.

She stopped a little ways away from her house. Bringing him closer would be too risky.

“I’m leaving.” He said in a voice so small it was almost a whisper.

“I know.” Belle said. She knew very well that carnival only came for a day once a year.

“Let me see your face, bella.” William said, bringing his hands to her face, slowly pulling off the mask. “Caspita, di questa portata un meraviglioso faccia.” He said, staring at her.

“What?” She asked, obviously she couldn’t understand the language.

“Wow, such a beautiful face.” He translated, half-laughing; causing a smile to play across her lips.

“Fino a noi incontrarsi di nuovo. Until we meet again. ” he kissed her lightly on the lips, taking her by surprise.

“Bye.” She whispered brokenly.

“Ciao bella, mio caro.” And then he was gone.


The months passed and Belle had never forgotten William or the strange language he spoke. Every night she dreamed of his return until the day he would come back had finally arrived.

She couldn’t wait and her excitement was almost too much to contain. And now that she was eighteen she could so as she pleased without the regulations of her parents. Her first move to celebrate that fact was to go down to the market and buy a new dress that was sure to impress the one she waited for.

Her friend refused to join her today. She doesn’t approve of Belle’s association with folk from the carnival, as no one does around here. But still being Belle’s friend, she agreed to keep her relationship with William a secret. But she still talked about him with her from time to time.

With that, when the carnival arrived, Belle put on her dress and her mask and didn’t worry herself over a spilled secret.

But she still talked about him with her from time to time.

“What’s his name?” She had asked Belle one day.

“William.” Belle had answered in a daze.

“But what’s his full name?” Her friend asked curios, holding a strange piece of paper in her hands.

“I…er, I don’t know.” Belle said, suddenly realizing she didn’t even know his full name.

“William Oliver Lorhen Fecichio.” Her friend answered a matter-of-factly.

“How do you know?” Belle jumped up and took the paper out of her friends hands. It was a poster of the carnival, listing the names of the entertainment.

That’s how she learned William’s full name.

She found him in the same spot as the last time, and he didn’t hesitate to drop his act and run to her on the spot. Belle had noticed a small but pretty girl following behind.

“You are here!” He exclaimed squeezing her tight.

“So are you.” She said in a sarcastic tone, making him laugh.

“Come bella, I have something to show you.” He said, but when he turned around he saw the girl who followed him and nearly knocked her over.

“Cazzo!” he yelled, clearly frightened, “Sorry Kayla, I didn’t see you there.” He apologized before continuing. “Kayla this is Belle, Belle, this is Kayla, she sometimes sings with me.” He explained quickly.

“Nice to meet you.” Belle said politely before being dragged off into a tent by William.

“I worked very hard this year…” he said to her, digging in his bag. “Take off your mask, no one will see you here.” He said, and she did exactly so. “I saved all my money…” he continued, finally being able to pull out his hand. “So when I come back, you could be my wife.” He said holding out a ring.

This had not been what Belle was expecting at all. Of course she would accept, this is far better than being set up by her parents, which is probably what they were working on at this second.

“Yes.” She said smiling, and he kissed her, not lightly this time, but hard and meaningful, as if to keep her there.

“Now, let’s celebrate!” he said pulling her back out of the tent while she struggled to put her mask back on. “Hurry, bella.”

“Can I ask you something?” She asked, once they were out.

“Anything.” He said twirling her before pulling her close.

“Why do you call me Bella? My name is Belle.” She said and was surprised by his sudden laughter.

“Bella in my language means: beautiful woman.” He said and she blushed a deep scarlet. He laughed again and wrapped his arms around her. They were going to be together for the rest of their lives, and they had spent a lot of time together for the rest of the summer before getting married. Belle’s family and friends didn’t approve of course, and they disowned her, making her only another recognizable face on the street. But Belle didn’t care. William was her life now. He had shown her a love so absolute and alluring that it was enough to live the rest of her life off of.

The wedding was done quickly in the village next door. But they didn’t want to live near people and have to deal with their accusing eyes everywhere they went; and so William and Belle had moved into a small cottage in the country with no neighbors.

They never got lonely, they always had each other for company, and of course William’s friends would come and visit when they could.

William didn’t travel with the carnival anymore, although he did participate in the near by appearances. Belle would travel with him when she could, but sometimes if it was in a dangerous village, William would forbid her and she would stay home alone for a couple of days.

This was one of those times. And instead of going to town as usual, she just went out to the field behind their home to lay there and stare at the sky, as they often did together. Many people have not discovered the simple blissfulness of simply lying there with someone you love. But they discovered it, and often they would lie there together, without movement, without speaking. The act of stillness was enough.

She lay there thinking of him, of all their great moments they had shared. How he would often sing softly in her ear to put her asleep…how he would kiss her on the forehead just to show affection, or how he would take her dancing just so he could hold her close. A rare love it was, but it was also a love that condemned the unsuspecting.

Thinking of William she couldn’t stand being away from him for another three days. She knew the town he would be visiting, and she would go there to surprise him.

Without further ado, she took her horse and galloped off to find the one she yearned for. It wasn’t far off now, she could see the tops of the village houses. Oh, how happy William will be to have her surprise him. She couldn’t wait to get there.

She followed the noise of crowds and music, a carnival was always easy to recognize in a small town.

She looked around for the red tent. William’s tent, the tent that he had proposed to Belle in.

She silently crept in; he wasn’t outside performing, so he must be inside resting. She tripped over something shinny. When she looked down to observe it, she saw that it was juggling supplies…Some knifes, balls and other things she’s seen jugglers use. She pilled them up and put them aside so that no one else would get hurt.

She felt her way around, trying to find Williams’ straw bed. It would certainly help a great deal if she had a candle, she thought.

But she didn’t need a candle to witness what she saw then. William in bed with another woman. Kayla to be exact. The younger girl she met the night William proposed.

They were asleep, naked, and William had his arms wrapped around the girl in the same way he usually held her at night.

Her knees gave out.

Could this be happening? He loved her and cherished her, and took care of her all the time. Why did he do this?

She could weep, of course. But that would get her nowhere. She could scream, but that would wake them up. A million solutions raced through her head inone single moment, when in the end she acted on instinct without a thought in her head.

She moved back to the entrance of the tent, searched for the jugglers’ knife and moved slowly and silently to the bed. Still in a trance, she cut the lovers’ throats in their sleep. They didn’t even stir as she did so.

When the deed was done, she walked out of the tent, out of the village and went back to her field.

Where else was there to go? Who else was there to go to?

She gave up her family and friends for this man…she gave up her life. All that was left was a bitter emptiness expanding its hole with each passing breath.

She walked to the end of the field and lay down to stare at the moon to which she wept. And it understood. Seeing Belle’s distress and tears and hearing her weep to it, the moon worked its magic. Changing her into something none-human. Something to help her forget, to help her live again.

Belle was still weeping as she changed. And she wept still for a while once she was transformed.

She was still beautiful. She had beautiful eyes, and beautiful fur. She would be named after he who haddoomed her.

William Oliver Lorhen Fecichio.


And to this day when you heara howling wolf, itsounds like a weeping woman.

“What’s his name?” She had asked Belle one day.

“William.” Belle had answered in a daze.

“But what’s his full name?” Her friend asked curios, holding a strange piece of paper in her hands.

“I…er, I don’t know.” Belle said, suddenly realizing she didn’t even know his full name.

William Oliver Lorhen Fecichio.” Her friend answered a matter-of-factly.

“How do you know?” Belle jumped up and took the paper out of her friends hands. It was a poster of the carnival, listing the names of the entertainment.

That’s how she learned William’s full name.

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