Our story, chapter 5- oh Holy night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Okay, I've decided to post one of the chapters of my novel that you can buy, there's a link on my profile, just so maybe you can get a better feeling of what it's about :)

Submitted: August 06, 2009

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Submitted: August 06, 2009




Oh Holy Night


Electricity, alas
Has found me in this place
Static clinging close,
Shedding my skin-
Revealing a new me



It is already dark out when our class makes our way to the church on the other side of Brighton Smith’s. Yes, I’m returning to the belly of the beast. Choir practice.

  Claire, Elizabeth and I walk side by side, arms linked to avoid any of us being scared. It is quite dark and very spooky and I know it wouldn’t take much to make me jump. But breathing in the cold air and seeing far away lights does make it bearable, and even a little lovely.

“You know, it really is quite nice out here at night.” Claire makes the statement, and we all nod in approval. Although I won’t admit being out here in the dark still frightens me.

“I have a brilliant idea!’ Elizabeth jumps up and looks at us.

“Oh no, not another one of your brilliant ideas Elizabeth!” I warn her.

“Yes,” Claire jumps in, “We could have gotten into a lot of trouble the last time you had a brilliant idea!”

Elizabeth looks hurt, but she shakes it off and continues.

“I say,” she starts, “We sneak out tonight and have a lovely picnic in the gardens…imagine how lovely it must look looks at night!” she says dreamily.

I can see Claire’s mouth about to let out a big no. And as much as mine would like to do the same, a trip to the gardens in the middle of the night sounds exciting.

“I’m in!” I say enthusiastically.

Claire looks at me in horror, but I know she’ll come.

She lets out a huge sigh, and then finally says: “me too.”

Elizabeth jumps in delight, and Miss Morgan tells her to settle down, for we are now entering the church, where I will have to face Thomas…my heart has never beaten so fast.


We walk in, and I see both Thomas and Ben waiting for us.


I’d forgotten about him. Suddenly my revenge for Thomas doesn’t peek interest in me anymore. I’ve only eyes for him.

Why the bloody hell did my group have to get stuck with Thomas when we could have had Ben!

We all walk up to the front and my heart stops. I could swear that Ben just smiled at me. I slowly turn my gaze away to Thomas, scared that he might be giving me that death stare, but he isn’t. He’s looking at me in a most curios way…I should tell him to turn around and leave me alone, he deserves to be put in his place.

“Alright everyone, you know your groups, get going.” Miss Morgan yells while clapping her hands twice for a more dramatic effect.

Sadly Ben and his group leave the room and I am left with Thomas and my friends, thank goodness for them.

“Good evening ladies, the song we shall be rehearsing today is ‘oh holy night’, which I am certain that you are all familiar with.” Thomas says in his deep voice.

We all nod knowingly, and take our places. Thomas starts singing and gestures for us to jump in.

Oh holy night…”

“Anything odd yet Mary?” Elizabeth whispers in my ear.

“It is the night of our dear savior’s birth…”

“No.” I whisper back.

“STOP!” Thomas shouts. He yelled it quite rudely if you ask me.

The room is deathly silent.

“I see some of you have not been following. Am I correct in thinking that this concert shall count for marks on your final grade?” Thomas asks, and once again we all nod sheepishly.

“Right,” he continues, “Now, if there are any who wish to continue disturbing our progress and want to leave, you know where the door is.” He says, and then stares right at me.

I fear I might be sick. The only thing that I am thankful for at this moment is that Victoria is not here to witness this.

I do not say anything; I simply stare back, with my own evil eye.

Good job Mary; show him you’re not to be pushed around!

Thomas seems taken aback by my reaction then turns away. I smile at my victory, Claire and Elizabeth see this, and they smile too.


“We shall try again.” Thomas says, “Without interruptions.”

He says this so sternly, it takes all I have to suppress a giggle. Luckily I have a great deal of self-control and do not make a fool out of myself a second time.

The girls start singing and I follow along like a good little school girl.

Oh holy night...”




Once Thomas and Miss Morgan think we’ve got it down, Miss Morgan makes her way to the other group to check their progress.

The girls in my group grab their coats, expecting to leave at Miss Morgan’s return with the other group. I spot Thomas making his way through the girls, talking to each of them.

Lucky for me he didn’t have any more to prove to me since his last freak out. No evil eye, no blaming.

I let out a sigh of relief.

“You are Miss Mary Thorn, am I correct?”

I spin around at the sound of his voice, and find myself staring at Thomas Benet.

My heart beat quickens and my stomach feels queasy.

Is he here to warn me to behave and get me in trouble?

“What business is it of yours?” I snap, responding quite cleverly if you ask me.

“I didn’t mean to offend you lady, I was simply wondering.” He lets out a small cough before continuing, “As you know, there is not a practice scheduled for tomorrow, but I’ve taken the liberty to invite some of the girls to come for catching up and extra coaching. Your teacher thinks it is a splendid idea. I was just letting you know in case you were interested.”

He lets out a deep breath.

“We shall see.” I say sternly, and he smiles.

What is wrong with him? He must have a multiple personality disorder.

“Well,” he says, “have a good night, miss-ugh?”

“Miss Mary Thorn.” I say, and then he turns to walk away.


Miss Morgan walks in soon after, followed by Ben Kingston and his group. I see Victoria smiling at Thomas. She sees me staring and casts me a cold glare. I quickly turn to Claire and Elizabeth beside me.

“God, she is a witch, isn’t she?” Elizabeth says, looking at Victoria. Claire and I nod in agreement. It has always been a well known fact that Victoria is quite the wench; though it still amazes me that the teachers can still believe her to be a perfect little angel.


  We’re about to turn and leave when Ben comes over.

Heavens above he’s handsome.

I can feel the blood rushing to my face, god, what is wrong with me? Ben is going to think I’m a complete fool if I behave this way every time he comes near.

He looks at Claire and Elizabeth.

“Good evening ladies.” He says while tipping his hat. Then he turns to me.

“Good evening Miss Thorn.” He says while smiling.

What? Did he just say my name again? Oh no, say something witty Mary, come on then, charm him.

“Oh uh, good evening sir.” I say with a foolish grin on my face.

Shoot me now.

I watch him walk out the church, and I see Claire and Elizabeth looking at me with shocked faces from the corner of my eye.

I say nothing, torturing them the whole way back to Smith’s.


Once we reach our school, they push me into a corner.

“Mary, what was that about?” Claire asks.

The truth is, I don’t even know. But I don’t say so, instead I reply-

“Tonight, at midnight, we shall meet in the gardens, and then we shall talk.”

Claire seems sad to have to wait so long; Elizabeth just looks excited at the mention of our secret meeting tonight. We leave for our rooms, and wait for midnight’s moon.





It's not much to go on, but it's more than what you had, hopefully you've enjoyed it!

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