To My Dino

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For someone I love that is no longer in my life.

Submitted: September 01, 2012

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Submitted: September 01, 2012



To My Dino

I miss you each minute of the day
And all the sweet things you used to say
I check my phone all the time
Hoping you'll reach out and want to be mine.

I think of you all the time
Our songs, our jokes, our funny lines
I picture you sleeping next to me in bed
And would do anything to have it again.

I ache for your texts and calls so much
I sleep with my phone hoping you'll get in touch.
There's an empty feeling in my house,
A huge hole in my heart and deep in my soul.

I miss my Boo so much it hurts
It's the worst ache of my life I cannot control.
I feel so broken and hurt inside
You prefer your life without me by your side.

I miss your face, your hugs, your smile
And the happiness I felt with you in my life.
You gave me everything I ever wanted,
And took it from me in the blink of an eye.

I wake up so hurt, I cannot explain
The feeling of not wanting to get up and live,
Knowing I love someone who turned me away.
I just want to sleep, I've got nothing to give.

It's the loneliest feeling of my life,
Wanting my Dino by my side.
Yet knowing I'm nothing to you
But a girl of the past and a memory.

I barely get through these very dark days
I barely smile and I'm not ok.
I pray for healing and kind words from you every day,
But what I really want is for you to come stay.

I struggle to get through this pain
Knowing you let me go and never looked back,
You gave up on us and left me alone
To sink deep into sadness and real despair.

I needed to talk, to understand why
You wouldn't try to keep me by your side.
I needed a hug and to know you care
Instead I learned all that matters is someone else.

I wanted to be your girl, your best friend, your lover
To make you smile, support and see sparks fly.
To hold your hand, laugh and love each other
And have so many more fun days, happy together.

I know you don't ever want me back in your life
And for that I ache beyond words and cannot heal.
It's difficult to accept you'd let me go
When all I want is to be with you.

I'd give anything to see you again
To feel your touch and hear you love me too.
To know you think of me everyday,
And miss me so much you want me to stay.

I love you Boo more than I've ever loved anyone
A part of me is missing without you in my day.
I hurt so much it's hard to know what to do or say.
It's hard to breathe...the pain never goes away.

These are my darkest days without you, My Dino.

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