The Unbelievable.

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This is about a girl named allie who never thought she would fall for someone. She always believed that she would be alone forever. Until sometimes chances.

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011




March 5th 2011

Today was a New start for me, I promised myself i'd get my Life together and work on fixing how i seen things. I always thought people were just all haters. They didn't give a crap about anyone. They all seemed so Pissed when i would look at them. I never knew whether to run away or tell them to get happy pills. My friend Sara tell's me i need to be more nice to people and i need to get my butt out in the real would. But I'm not like that, i rather sit in my room all day and watch movies and eat popcorn and laugh at how stupid people are. I mean seriously, Whats up with the love Stories? We are all grown up now! We aren't gonna believe in that crap. I Guess i have a Bad attitude on things, But i mean come on how many stories turn out to be Happily ever afters. They seem so, not real. I turned 17 yesterday, Sara tell's me it isn't normal that i've never had a boyfriend before. She said most People are dating by the age 13. Really? 13, whats wrong with people these day's? Can't we all be single Or at least wait to date until we are like 20 or something. I guess i rather die old alone. It's hard to even think love is real, My Parent's got divorce when i was seven years old. I Guess it affected me more then anything has ever affected anyone else.  I just rather not get married to someone and then divorce them, its pointless to me. Sara tell's me that not everyone is like that and i need to open my eye's but its hard for me to do.  Like i said, I rather be alone. Alone is a better place to be, then being Divorced. Sara isn't the only one who tells me to get over the whole drvorce thing, My friend andy tell's me all the time that i need to move on and find someone special out there. He tell's me like everyday that there is someone out there for me, waiting to take me in their arms. But thats andy, He believe's in the whole love at first sight crap. I swear if i have to hear anymore love stories from him, i might just punch the crap out of him. 


March 6th 2011

Well today is a new day. Isn't that just great? andy is coming over today, he said he wants to "talk" oh great. If this is another love story talk i might just hide in the bathroom until he leave's. I know that sounds mean, but it just gets annoying. I don't care about hearing how people find their true love and live happily ever after. It honestly make's me sick to my Stomach. I don't think he know's that though. I probably should tell him so he will shut the hell up. Sometimes i want to shove a spoon down his throat so he will just shut up about the whole "Allie, you will be happy with an awesome guy someday!, i can promise you it!." Andy is a good guy and all, but sometimes he gets on my last nerve. I wish i could just go on with life and not have to hear what sara and him say. That would be the best! I guess i'll see what happens after today. 



Still March 6th.

Well, what can i say? Andy came over today. Guess who andy brought along?! Jason. The guy who is seriously IN LOVE with me. I swear he Stalks me. I wish i was joking. But i'm not, Jason is like an annoying itch that won't go away. Always annoying the crap out of you. Andy could see that i was annoyed with him. But i deserved to be mad. Who brings your stalker to you? Thats like asking for me to knock the crap out of you! I hope andy will feel bad after tonight, He better! After what jason did to me, He tried to kiss me on the lips!! He just walks in and hugs me and goes in for a kiss, Thank god i slapped him in the face before he tried kissing me. That's not the only thing he tried. I went to the bathroom and i came out and he was standing there in the dark, i thought for sure he was gonna rape me or something. I mean who just stands there in the dark, It's just so stalkerish and creepy. He was just staring at me for the longest time, then he finally say's "Sooo allie, wanna go out sometime? Me, you, movie, tomorrow, 7?" I Just looked at him and said "uuuuuuuhhhhhh yeaah!... NO." and walked away. i mean come on! you really think i'm gonna go for a guy like you. He is such a nerd. He has Big glasses and wears like the gayest Sweaters ever, They have Animals on them. Don't tell me thats not weird.


March 8th 2011

Sara come's up to me and tells me She has to tell me something important. So i ask her what and she tell's me she will tell me later, after school at my house. So atter school i get home and wait for sara to come. After an hour she finally gets here and tells me that Someone like's me. I looked at her and laughed so hard, and said "really? your just finding this out now?"  Sara looked at me strange and said "how did you know?"  I said, "uhm hunnie, where have you been the last couple of years? Jason has always liked me!, i thought you knew this?" Sara Looks at me and tells me that  its not jason, at that point i'm wanting to know. I Know i said i don't really care about that kind of stuff, but i mean i kinda wanna know who it is. So i asked her who, she looks at me and finally says, Andy. When i heard her say andy, a part of me got weird inside and i don't know why. Cause i have never thought about andy and i ever being together, thats like thinking about putting mustard on pizza! It's something you don't think about. She could tell i got weird inside, She started to talk and said something's i couldn't even tell you, because i wasn't even listening. I was too busy thinking, Andy?! really?! Andy?!.  It's just not, connecting. Finally i started to listen and she was saying that i should try it out and see what it's like. I told her no, thats retarded!. but inside i was thinking should i?. After sara left that night, i was laying in bed thinking about andy and i being together. This all felt so weird for me to think about, i just never pictured me being with anyone. But for some reason i couldn't get my mind off of him. 

March 9th 2011

 Before andy came over today, i took a shower and put make up on and got all pretty. It seemed so girly for me and i looked so girly. I don't know if thats a good thing or a bad thing. As andy walked in the door, i seen his face light up. It's something i've never seen before. He looked so happy. I wanted to ask him why, but i didn't want to sound stupid. He told me i looked Beautiful, Then i turned bright red. I told him it was because it was hot in my house, but i'm starting to think that was stupid to say. We Sat next to each other while we watching iron man 2. I fell asleep and woke up on his lap, he seemed to not mind at all. so i acted like i was still sleeping, when the movie Finally ended he woke me up and walked me to my bedroom and then he got a warm blanket out for me and covered me and said goodnight, then he left. I kinda felt alone after he left, but couldn't stop smiling.  I can't believe i just said that. Me, Liking a guy and it being ANDY?! There was just something so cute about andy, like when he would shake his head and smile at the same time and when he would act so stupid and make funny face's. He just always knew how to make me laugh. 


March 13th 2011 


I never in my life time have ever felt this way about someone before. On friday, Andy calls me and asks me if i would like to go out with him on saturday, i say yes. So saturday come's and Andy comes over to get me. He knocks on the door and i ran so fast to the door my pants almost came off. As i open the door, there he is. With his nice big smile and amazing blue eye's. He just looks so perfect. I never thought i would say that, but he does!. I find myself Drooling over him and i get slapped in the arm, he asked me if i'm okay cause i'm just standing there looking like i don't know whats going on. I tell him i'm fine just tired. As we get to the Movie's he walks really close to me and asks me if i'm cold, i tell him yes. Cause i know where this is going to lead to, He is going to give me is jacket. He takes his jacket off and puts it around me. Now i feel like a girly girl. we sit down and wait for the movie to start after about 30 minutes into the movie, i feel his hand getting closer to mine. Before i know it, he is holding my hand. I tried hard not to smile but i really wanted to. After we get back to my place he walks me to the door and tells me how much fun he had tonight and wants to do it again. Then he looks at me,  and i feel this is the moment. This is where i get my first kiss. He leans in and  it feels like he is going in for a kiss, he gets closer and closer then hugs me. At that point i felt so stupid so i turn the other why and put my key in the door as he was walking away. Then i hear, "ALLIE!, WAIT!" I turned around and said "yeah?"  He walks up to me and takes me into his arm's and kisses me. His lips are so soft and wet, it felt amazing. Like the feeling you get when you take a bite of  ice cream. He tells me goodnight and walks away, I open the door. Then i shut it and lean against the door and Slide down and sit with a Huge smile on my face. This feels so different, i've never felt this away before. I feel so happy. The next day  he say's he wants to talk to me, a part of me worries. What if he didn't mean it? and wants to forget it happened? As the door bell rings i get a knot in my Stomach, i open the door and there he is, cuter then ever. He tells me to sit down and this is where i lose it, I started crying and saying i'm sorry. He sits by me and hugs me and asks whats wrong. I tell him i'm scared of getting hurt, He Looks at me and says "Allie, You have the most Beautiful eye's, your smile makes my day better then ever, You're the one i want to see every night before i go to bed and every morning when i awake up. I want to kiss you every second of the day to remind you how much i love you. You make me happy and you're the only one i think about anymore. All i want to do is be next to you.  I want to tell you how pretty you are every second of the day and i want you to be mine."  As i looked up at him i told him. "Andy, I think i'm falling in love with you."  He hugs me even tighter and says " I'm already there."


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