Twisting Words

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This story is about a girl who finally decides its time to move on and forget.

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011






Living life was sometimes hard for me. I never really could trust anyone, I would always trust someone and then they'd disappear and leave me on my own. My Name is Abby. I'm 16 years old and i have a big family who loves me to death. I'm the type of person who you can tell everything too and trust me one hundred percent. I love to listen and give my opinions. I Guess i just thought i'd never find someone i could really trust. I've been through a lot with guy's. Oh Guys were the issue for me. I always fell for them, their good looks, funny personalities, Great smiles, They just always knew how to make me feel better. Like this one guy, he was the first guy i ever fell for. His name was eric, He was funny, and he always knew how to make me smile. we'd talk all day long and ever stopped, until he would fall asleep on me. Then i would fall asleep and wake up to his text message's. It made me feel so special inside. This went on for like seven month's. Until i found out he was dating someone else. I guess i could've seen it coming, he started to change. Like he wouldn't say "I love you." and hardly wanted to talk to me. I remember the day he told me, It felt like i was getting stabbed in the gut, like i couldn't breathe. I Remember walking in circle's Trying to figure out what i was going to do next. I think that was the hardest thing to go through.


After a week or so, one of my old guy friend invited me to hang out. I never really thought about us being more then friend's, His name was Sam. he didn't really seem like my type. Anywho, i decided i had to do something. So i went over to my friend's house, and there he was. Sitting on the Couch smiling, his face was lit up. Like he was happy to see me. We started watching a movie and he moved closer to me, we were sitting so close i could Barely move! My friend Jessica decided we should go outside and walk to the park, So we all went outside and Sam Started Skate boarding and gave me his sweatshirt. He told me to put it on, So i did. At first i was like why? But then after awhile it made me think, maybe he likes me? After we goofed around at the park, we went to sit by the fire. He texted me the whole time while we sat across from the fire. I remember looking up and seeing him smile at me, it just made me think maybe there is someone good out there for me and maybe thats him sitting across from me smiling. After that we starting hanging out every weekend. It was the best Couple of months i've ever had. I never felt so alive and happy. Then one tuesday he changed, He was no longer the Sam i knew. He was a Different person. He only talked to me a little bit. He just seemed like he didn't care anymore, I felt Lost and confused i thought everything was perfect. After awhile he stopped talking to me. He wouldn't answer my Text message's. I Just gave up eventually. I thought i would never have a chance with him  again. I see him every week, 2 days in a week. To be honest its hard to see him sometime's. I'm scared to talk to him though. I feel it doesn't matter what i say or do, our friendship will never be the same. People ask me, "Do you miss him?" and to tell the truth. Of course i miss him, he was my best friend. Sometimes i think maybe, Just maybe there is a chance i'll be able to talk to him again and everything will go back to normal.



After that, it took awhile to move on i met another guy, he seemed easy to get along with and he was nice and cute. I never really wanted to be more then Friend's. I was so sick of getting hurt. After a couple of weeks talking to him a lot. He "fell" for me. His name was Ryan. He told me how pretty i was everyday. Which made me feel special, I guess i fell into his trap because i wanted to be happy and with him i felt happy. After awhile he told me he wants to wait to date, He said he wanted to do things first. Which i could understand, But after that he stopped talking to me. Wouldn't Answer my text message's, so after a day or two i gave up. I knew there wasn't a chance in hell he would talk to me ever again. After him i gave up. I'm done with trying to find that guy. I'm just gonna sit around and let that guy find me. After that all went down i started talking to a really good guy, Who i know is just a friend and nothing more. His name is Corey. He is black, very Funny and Smart and to add he is very hot. He is like my best friend, I can talk to him about anything and everything. He always know's the right thing to say. He is someone i always want in my life. After everything i've gone through, i've never been so sure about someone before. He makes me feel more myself then anyone ever did. If anything were to happen with us in the future, let's just's say i wouldn't stop it. 

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