The Day After the First Kiss

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Kristen is finally kissed by her life-long best friend, Ace, the night of her uncle's wedding. She goes to visit him the following day, in which fluff, cheese, a little teasing from Ace's older brother, and lots and lots of kissing ensue.

Submitted: June 04, 2012

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Submitted: June 04, 2012



You wake up the morning after Uncle Tom's wedding and stay in bed, laying there for a while. Of course, your brain hasn't forgotten the previous night's events for a second, and you relive it over and over in your mind. You try to remember it perfectly; the look on his face before he leaned in and kissed you, the look on it after. You smile to yourself as you hug an old teddy bear you got for Christmas once against your chest .It almost feels like Christmas morning. Only much, much better.

You finally decide to get out of bed. You walk into the kitchen where your dad sits at the table, drinking tea and reading the morning paper. You walk over to the cupboard to get some bread. "Hey, Dad," you say.

He looks up as you move to the toaster. "Morning, Krissy." You hum quietly as you get the butter. He raises his eyebrows slightly. "You seem cheerful today."

"Hm?" you say, looking back at him. "Oh, it's just…a nice day, isn't it? And Uncle Tom's married and everyone's cheerful."

"Hmm," he nods. He glances back down at the paper. "I noticed you spent a lot of time with Ace yesterday," he comments lightly.

"What?" you say, just as your bread pops out of the toaster. "Dad, we always spend time together."

"I know," he says, looking back up at you. He raises his eyebrows again.

You don't know why you're denying it when he kissed you last night. Maybe you need it to feel more…official, or something. Or it's just a thing between you and Ace right now.

"Ugh, Dad," is all you can come up with for a reply. You quickly spread the butter on your toast, keeping your eyes directed away from him.

You can feel him smiling. "Just saying, is all," he says.

"Yeah, alright," you say. You down your toast in four bites. "I'm going to get dressed."

"And head over to the McLean's, I assume?" he says.

"Dad," you say as you walk back to your room.

"I'm right though, aren't I," he says.

"Oh, shut it," you say. You hear him laugh as you close your bedroom door behind you. You glance into your mirror across the room, unable to help but smile slightly. You catch yourself. "Shut up, Kristen, you look like an idiot," you tell yourself.

Once you're showered and dressed you grab your phone and dial Ace's number. Your foot taps against your bedpost as you hear the first ring. He answers on the second.

"Hey, Kristen," he says. Just the sound of his voice, friendly and familiar, makes you feel warm.

"Hi," you say. You're both silent for a moment, as if waiting for one to fill the other in. 'Hey, I kissed you last night.' 'I know, thanks.' But you both know what happened, and you know it's on both of your minds.

"How are you?" you ask. You cringe. Since when do you exchange casualties with Ace?

"I'm pretty well," he says. "You?"

"Yeah, same," you say. Yeah, pretty well. "So, are you doing anything today?"

"No," he says.

"Could I come over?" you ask.

"Yeah, of course," he says.

"Alright," you say. "I'll see you in a few minutes, then."

"Okay, see you," he says.

You hang up. You quickly run a brush through your hair and glance at yourself in your mirror again. Not as elaborate as yesterday, but you have a feeling Ace won't mind.

"See you, Dad," you call out as you make your way to the front door.

"Going to the McLean's?" he says, coming out of his room.

"Yes, I am, alright?" you say, rolling your eyes.

"I'm not poking fun at you, I'm just making sure I know where you are all day," he says, holding a hand up.

"Yeah, okay," you say. You walk over to him and kiss him on the cheek.

"But you did spend an extraordinary amount of time with that boy yesterday," he adds like it's an afterthought.

"Okay, I'm leaving," you say. You slip out the door as he chuckles again.

You walk down the sidewalk, enjoying the weather. The sky is a flawless blue and the sun shines down on you, warming your skin. A day to match your mood. You almost laugh at yourself; how often you say that, walking through London.

When you finally reach their house and knock on the door, Derek answers, to your slight disappointment.

"Ah," he says when he sees you, a slight smirk coming over his face. "Kristen, hello. Why, you are looking radiant in the sunshine today, but don't expect me to kiss you in this here doorway."

You immediately scowl, but before you can respond you hear fast footsteps dashing down the staircase behind him.

"Derek!" Ace pushes his brother out of the doorway. He glances at you. "Hi, Kristen."

"You told him?" you say.

"Oh, he told me," Derek says, bouncing back around behind Ace. "He told me every juicy detail." He puts on a high-pitched voice. "'I knocked on the door and you should have seen her, Derek, her hair was up all messy and she was so pretty, how could I have not kissed her?'"

"Shut up!" Ace says, pushing him away again. His face burns red. He looks back at you. "Er- sorry."

"You guys really do tell each other everything, don't you," you say, smiling weakly.

"Oh, you better believe it," Derek says, coming back up behind Ace and resting his arm on his shoulder. "'I can't believe I actually did it, Derek! I kissed her! I went over there and kissed her and I think she might have liked it, too-"

"I did not say it like that, you git!" Ace says, his face burning as he shoves Derek away for the third time. "And I'm not the only one that talks, you know! 'And then Zaire set me on his bed and started kissing me really softly, more soft than any guy has ever kissed me before,'" he says, his voice lowered. He looks at Derek and waits for a reaction.

"Go on," Derek says after a moment. "Kristen hasn't heard this one."

"You are both complete idiots," you say. You push past them into the house. They follow you into the living room, where the television is on and a bowl of popcorn sits on the coffee table.

"Idiots in love, Kristen," Derek says from behind you. He puts his hands on the back of your shoulders and whirls you around to face Ace. You meet his eyes and he blushes.

"Oh, shut it, Derek," you say, rolling your eyes. You look away from Ace and fall back on the couch. He sits next to you and Derek settles on his other side. Ace looks at him. "Will you please leave?"

"Why, are you going to snog if I do?" he says.

You sigh and grab the remote from the table beside you and switch the channel on the TV. Ace grumbles.

"Hmmm," Derek says. "I'll stay, then."

Ace crosses his arms with annoyance as you flip through the channels. You're more aware of his shoulder touching yours than you are the shows you absently skip through. You finally settle on a random cartoon and put down the remote. The three of you sit in silence.

"Aw, come on, Derek," Ace finally says, looking at him.

"Can you blame me for wanting to finally see romance blossom between my brother and my oldest friend?" he says, widening his eyes. "Besides, I was already in here watching a movie before you two invaded." He gestures to the bowl of popcorn on the table in front of you.

"Derek…" you start. He should be glad that you're in too good of a mood and Ace is sitting far too close for you to focus on being annoyed at him right now.

"Kiss away, I won't interrupt," he says.

Ace's cheeks turn slightly red, but you look at him. You've been wondering all day. "Why did you leave my house after you kissed me?"

Ace looks back at you and meets your eyes. "I don't know," he says. "I guess… I hadn't really planned what I was going to do next, I just knew I was going to kiss you."

"I would have slept over if it were me," Derek says. He reaches over you to grab a handful of popcorn.

"That's disgusting," Ace says.

"Prude," Derek shoots back.

"Idiots, both of you," you say. They both glance at you and smile. They really are your two favorite people in the world.

Your eyes linger on Ace. "Okay, fine, I can take a hint," Derek says, getting up. "But this is mine." He grabs the popcorn and walks to the stairs. You wait until you hear him stomp all the way up and the door to his and Ace's room shut closed.

Ace leans back on the couch. "I really wish he didn't have to be so annoying," he sighs.

"Yeah, but if he wasn't he wouldn't be Derek," you say. Ace raises his eyebrows at you.

"How many times am I going to hear you say that in my life?" he says.

"Oh, probably just this once," you say, grinning.

"Well you must be in a good mood, then," he says, grinning back.

"I am," you say simply. He continues to smile at you. Goodness, his eyes really are such a lovely shade of brown. You glance down at his lips. Last night was such a tease…

Ace inches forward a little, the grin on his face melting into a slight smile. Your heartbeat speeds up as you slowly lean forward to meet him, your eyes flickering shut as he gets too close for you to focus on his face. His lips softly meet yours.

It's slower and more hesitant than your first kiss, but everything in you comes to the surface and you lean into him slightly, savoring and embracing it better than you were able to last night. The hesitance fades as he kisses you and you kiss him back, still gentle and slow; learning yet knowing this is exactly what you want, that kissing Ace is something you could definitely get used to.

When you finally break apart – your heart still racing, your head still spinning – you open your eyes to find him smiling at you. It's a brilliant, beautiful smile showing every single one of his perfect teeth. It makes you feel so happy, so full of joy and love and that amazing feeling of being loved that you can't help but smile back at him, laughing almost. He is, without a doubt in your mind, the most beautiful boy you've ever known.

"That…that was…" he starts, searching your eyes as if they hold the word he's looking for.

"Brilliant," you say. "Fantastic. Wonderful. Amazing. Incredible."

He laughs, his smile widening, if that's even possible. Of course it is; he's Ace. He looks at you. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes."

You glance at his lips again. They're such a perfectly tantalizing shade of pink. Your heartbeat picks up again as you meet his eyes once more. You catch your breath slightly. "Shall…shall we give it another go?"

"Yes," he says, and leans forward to meet your lips again. He brings his hand to the side of your face and kisses you with more confidence this time. And oh, he's a great, great kisser, you think as his hand slides back to tangle in your hair. You lift your own arms and wrap them around his neck, pulling him closer so that he leans over you slightly. It's such an incredible rush that you almost forget you have to breath, but you manage quick breathes between kisses, kisses, and more kisses that you don't ever, ever want to stop-

"Mmm, impressive."

You both jump a mile apart, your heart almost stopping as you look around to find Derek standing hardly a foot away beside the couch holding an empty popcorn bowl.

"D-Derek!" Ace says, slightly breathless, as he looks at his brother with an infuriated expression on his face.

"Ace!" he says, holding up his hands. He laughs to himself. "Sorry, I was just going to the kitchen and thought I'd take the scenic route…and it was a bit more scenic than I expected." He raises an eyebrow and looks at each of you slowly before turning and walking through the kitchen door.

"I really, really hate him," Ace says as he runs a hand through his hair, catching his breath.

"I take back what I said about him earlier," you say. Your heart still races.

Ace laughs a bit, then looks at you again. How you were everable to resist him before…

You smile slowly and before you know it, you're kissing him again.


"So I'll see you later, then."

"Tomorrow, maybe?"

"Yeah, yeah, tomorrow would be great."

"Maybe we could go out somewhere, you know, if the weather's nice again."

"Kind of feel like we wasted the sunshine today."

You look at Ace and see that spark in his eye. You both shake your heads and break into laughter. No, today was definitely not a waste.

You glance up at the sky. It's dark but clear, the London smog letting the light of a star or two shine through. You look back at Ace. He's grinning at you, and you're grinning at him. You've spent the last thirteen hours with him, and yet tomorrow can't come soon enough.

"You know, today was probably one of the best days I've ever had," you say. You feel like a character from a cheesy romance novel, but it's the truth. There was the teasing from Derek, the kissing, the sandwiches Ace made for lunch, the lovely smile from Mrs. McLean that told you she's happy that you're finally Ace's girlfriend, the kissing, the pizza you ordered for dinner, the comment Mr. McLean made to Ace about "treating our Kristen well," the kissing, and the movie you started to watch but ended up kissing instead. And the kissing. Yes, the perfect day.

"I'm glad," Ace smiles, taking both your hands in his and squeezing them. "And I completely agree."

You smile back and lean forward and kiss him again. It's almost hard to believe that last night was your first one.

"I'll see you tomorrow, then," Ace says when you finally pull away. He leans forward to give you another kiss.

"Yes, I'll see you," you say. You kiss him again.

"Mmhm," Ace says, barely letting you pull away before kissing you again.

You're not sure how long you keep kissing, but the sidewalk outside your flat building is empty and quiet and no one's around to interrupt you. Probably because it's midnight and you're the youngest person living here by at least twenty years.

When you finally pull away you look at him and see by the lamplight that he's giving you another one of his wide smiles. God, you don't want to leave him. You lean forward and kiss him one more time. "Goodnight, Ace."

"Night, Kristen," he whispers. Of course he has last word and the last kiss as well. His lips softly meet yours one more time in a kiss like you haven't experienced all day. Gentle and light, it lingers for just the right amount of time until he slowly pulls away, coming into focus before your eyes with sweetest smile you've ever seen.

You think your knees are actually, literally weak.

He pushes a lock of hair behind your ear before stepping back to head home. You give him one more smile before you walk through the door of your own building, returning his gaze until the door finally shuts behind you.

You lean back against it and close your eyes. You feel yourself smiling. You want to kiss him again. Now. You will, you tell yourself. Just wait until tomorrow. But you can't wait until tomorrow. You almost think of running back out there and tackling him down on the sidewalk.

You laugh to yourself. "Go to sleep, Kristen," you order under your breath. You begin walking up the stairs to your flat, where your dad is surely fast asleep. You shake your head. You're mad. You're exhausted. You're insane. You're happy.

You're in love. With Ace McLean. And you know you kind of always have been.

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