The Crush

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A short story based on true events.

Submitted: November 24, 2013

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Submitted: November 24, 2013



The Crush

 She would see him every day around fifth period as she made her way down to the cafeteria. She knew little things about him, but the two had never officially met. Both, having mutual friends in common however. She thought he was a heavenly vision. With his spiky brown dark hair, tanned skinned and hazel eyes, he just intrigued her. She knew he was a jock, always active in sports, that he also owned a nice black mustang car. The majority of the females in the school were crushing on him as well. So with that she came to the conclusion that he was the ultimate player. He never paid her any attention anyway she felt, him always surrounded by a group of friends, she often reminded herself, that her chances with him, were zero to none. For she a shy, timid, book worm, and insecure most of the time could never score someone has hot, and popular as him. Until one day she decided that she was tired of being ignored. She started to make physical changes to her appearance. In just a few months, she grew from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan, and many peers of hers took notice. In those months she changed not only psychically, but became a different person altogether. Her few dear friends started to see the changes to this new Sarah. For all she cared about was what she was going to wear each day, how her make up, and hair looked, and all the new popular friends she was now making. Then came that faithful day when her crush finally spoke to her. It begun with a friendly “Hello” and then proceeded to a small conversation. Sarah now arrogant spoke of ditzy things to him, her crush a little thrown off came out and told her this “I remember when you use to be that girl with the glasses always with your head in your books, kind of shy , and quiet. What happened to her?” Upset now Sarah reacted “You never paid me attention being that person, I first had made these changes for you!!”  A little surprised he replied “Sarah, I knew you had this crush on me for the longest, every time you would see me you would practically run down the hallway, would try to put a serious face on but would be blushing… So I used to ask some people about you…. I know of what your favorite novels to read are, that you volunteered in the shelter on your weekends, and that you was obsessed with music” Sarah interrupted sounding a little suspicious “ So why you never said anything to me? “ “That doesn’t matter now, I see you let your good looks, and popularity get to you” As her crush walked away he turned back quickly to say “By the way, even though I didn’t really know you then, I like the old you better, sorry Sarah but you are not my type now.” Sarah shocked, and now disappointed in herself, replayed her his words over and over in her mind. “Maybe he is right, I did change inside.” From that day forward she had decided once again, that she would make a change, she would keep taking care of herself but be the person that she used to be. There was nothing wrong with that old Sarah. Her feelings however had ended for her crush. Every time she would see him, she would just think of him as a lesson. “If I am going to change myself, its going to be just for me.”

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