The Race

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A short story with a bit of humor.

Submitted: December 12, 2013

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Submitted: December 12, 2013




  Emily always danced to the beat of her own drum. She did what she wanted, when she wanted all the time. For she had the money and power to do so, she was a trust fund baby. Emily was staying at a five star hotel visiting some friends back in her home state of New York, Manhattan. For about a week. The hotel was grand, and extradionary. So big that she decided to purchase an electronic scooter one day, the kind that the elderly or disabled people moved around in.

Every day she drover her scooter every opportunity she could. If ice was needed she would take a trip in her little “car” to the lobby floor. If she had a chocolate craving she would ride her scooter to Duane Reade that was located two blocks down from the hotel, which she was staying at. Staff and some visitors were confused to as of why was she obsessed with her little black scooter, since they were well aware that her legs were mobile. Her close friends just knew that she was lazy fellow, and that she was a tad crazy.

Until one day she as taking her “car” for a ride, when she seen another guest who was staying also at the hotel with his adult children, and many grandchildren for the holidays. The man was about eighty-five years old, who also drove around in his navy blue electronic scooter. Due to his incapability to walk however, because of his old age. She seen the man always with a grumpy face. When suddenly he approaches Emily in his scooter. “How many speeds does your have?” “Thirty-five!” Emily exclaimed. “Well mines goes about thirty- five too... But, I seen yours in action, and it doesn’t seem as fast as mine!” The grumpy old man stated competitively. “Oh yeah, want to bet!” “How much?” he answered quickly and curiously. “Sixty bucks tops, playboy!” She offered. “Deal!” He said harshly.

Now lined up side by side, they both waited for the head manager at the other end of the hallway to leave. As soon as he manager escorted some new guests to the elevator. Emily exclaimed “You ready playboy?!” “Ready!!” the grumpy man looked furiously with his eyes. So off they raced! Speeding down the long hallway lobby. As soon as Emily was the first to pass the table that was located on the right side of hallway with a big fancy vase holding a beautiful display of roses. She knew she had won! She jumped off her scooter, jumping up and down yelling jokingly to the old man “IN YOUR FACE, PLAYBOY!!!” As the elderly man finally reached the table he unexpectedly drove into her scooter, puts the stick forward, and then in reverse and backs over her scooter again.  “MY BABYYYY!!” she screeched, running as fast as she could to stop the old man from denting her precious any further. However the grumpy old man gave a smirk and speeded off back down to the opposite end of the hallway As Emily rose her fist into the air, she said “DAMN YOU!! PLAYBOYYY!!” as the grumpy man sped off he rose his middle finger back in response, without paying Emily her sixty bucks she had won fair and square.

A whole week had past and Emily still had spoken about the race with the elderly man. She hadn’t see him since then however. It was now the last day, an hour before check out. When Emily was making a last minute pit stop at the gift shop with her, of course her little black scooter. She was buying some souvenirs to take back home to her family. Emily was picking some items out, when she noticed a blonde haired woman repeatedly staring at her and then looking away. Until finally the woman grew confident and approached Emily. “Hi, you don’t know me, but if I’m right I believe you had a random scooter race with my grandfather about a week ago to see whose can go faster… You guys betted sixty dollars, I believe.” Surprised Emily said “Yes, that was me” “Well my grandfather told all of us about you! “The crazy lady” he called you. As the woman said this to Emily she giggled a little…He was so happy that day that he finally got to do something exciting and random for his last days”. “Last days?” Emily curious as of what the woman meant. “Yes, you see my grandfather had been diagnose with lung cancer, and he was given only a few months to live. We came together so we can be with before he passed away.” “Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I didn’t know.” Emily shocked and a little saddened now. “No its okay “the woman interrupted. “I just wanted to say thank you for that. “ she than continued “With all of us being here one last time with him all together, and that fun moment you gave him, made it all that much better for him.”

As Emily went back to her room she teared a little. And thought about what that woman had just told her. She grabbed her suitcases and decided in the last minute that it was best she stopped using her scooter around, since she really had no reason to use it anyway.

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