Jason and Riley

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A young girl loses true love and life becomes insanely difficult..its short..but you'll like it.

Submitted: December 04, 2008

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Submitted: December 04, 2008



She covered her face with her hands and couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. It had been two weeks since it happened, since Mrs. Damon had found her son’s motionless body under the covers. The paramedics announced that he had had a massive heart attack during the night.

Riley loved Jason unconditionally, he was the only one that not only listened to but understood her. He was all she ever wanted, all she thought that she’d ever need and now he was no longer here. She couldn’t stand to accept comfort from anyone, to hear their reassuring words that it would all be okay and that time heals all wounds. For she had lost the truest friend and love that she had ever known and it didn’t seem like a loss that could be healed at all; much less by time, something so minutely important to her.

Heartbroken and bleeding inside, she lay curled up alone on her bed, hugging her favorite picture of him, the image of his peaceful face as he lay dead in the coffin blurring her every thought, and sobbing uncontrollably.

Everyone tried to console her, to tell her that although true love wasn’t easy to forget she would be okay. Rory, her twin sister, knew that Cookie n’ Cream ice-cream cheers Riley no matter what the problem was, but this time Riley didn’t even care to look at it. She was locked in a place, inside her head, where her soul-mate survived and they were together. She knew that it wasn’t real but nonetheless it was bliss to be with him. She was trying to sooth her emotions in the best way she knew how: to deny, as long as it was possible, to deny the loss, the pain.

One night, when everyone was asleep and the moon hung high over head, she wandered out to the lake. Drifting the way that she did, in her white nightgown and flowing brown hair, across the misty lawn, she seemed an angel of sorts. There was no one to hear her, to see her...to stop her. Riley gazed at the mysterious water, the light shining like diamonds upon it, and saw the face of the boy she loves, those unfathomable green eyes drawing her to him.

She’d never learnt how to swim and thanked the heavens for that fact. She took in her last breath and let herself slip into the deep water. As it engulfed her, she felt well, not about to die or regret, but happiness, she felt his spirit lift her and finally, she was with him again.

And this time it was forever.

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