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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
The most positive thing about life is life itself... isn't it

Submitted: November 04, 2018

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Submitted: November 04, 2018



- LIFE -
The most positive thing about life is “The life itself”. Isn’t it amazing, this beauty called life? Isn’t it?


The most powerful form... some call it God, Some eternal life form and some call it the universe itself, people call it by different names and the list goes so on and on.
This so-called power as it names suggests, It's huge, its a very very large form. This large form or power once decides to split itself, and so it did. It used a vessel, a cocoon kind of thing to store these parts of itself safely so that no part of it gets lost. We call these divided parts as soul and vessel as the human body. And now you ask why would the most powerful thing....the only thing... The one, would it split itself up and go through all these creations and destructions just to lead itself to a punny little human form to live a miserable life???
“To live its life”


The most powerful force which could simply exist as it is that can do anything everything.... u name it.... u imagine it... they can accomplish it, such powerful being drained all its power to create the most powerful... most meaning the full thing that it could have possibly given it to itself. 
It decided to give it “The Life” to make it feel alive.


The human form might be the most dominant form existing now but remember all that you see, hear, touch, sense, smell, and feel... everything is very much alive as you are now... everything from living to non-living has its own piece of the all eternal source and hence a life.
Every piece of the eternal power vibrate with one another just to keep each and every other piece vibrate and alive. If one piece stops vibrating it causes to form a chain reaction that causes every piece to stop the vibration, to collapse and get destroyed on its own and thus leading to the destruction of the All.
Now you ask me what happens when we die?
you might recall a statement “ Energy is neither destroyed nor created, it is transferred from one form to another”


These pieces might travel from one form to another just to keep it alive. So when a human or any other body dies only the vessel gets corroded, the piece or the soul travels from one to another to keep up the chain from getting destroyed.  Infant these vessels that dies also serves in seeding up to form another vessel so that no soul gets lost anywhere...!!
“Each and everything that surrounds us is one and connected that drives with the same purpose”


The eternal being by doing this process of splitting up its energy, not only gave it the life to make it feel alive but also......
 “It gave a purpose to the life to keep it alive”


Next time when you when for your miserable, wasted, useless life remember
“ You are the God that has a life to live” 


Never give up on your belief. Never stop dreaming....and never ever stop dreaming....!!
Thus I can happily state that the most powerful, meaningful, purposeful and most positive thing about life is “The life” itself. 
This life.... its beautiful isn’t it?
?Steve Aswez


© Copyright 2020 Steve Aswez. All rights reserved.

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