13 Steps

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13 steps to realise what I am. Originally used in Live Art in a piece in 1998/9 this piece explores issues of self reflection and what happens when you find out you're not good enough, or haven't enough time to complete a task which in this case was learn a Piece of Monologue by Samuel Beckett.

Submitted: September 13, 2010

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Submitted: September 13, 2010




Everything or nothing.

Go back to your old ways.

No. Don’t do it.

Stop wasting energy.

Put to good use what you have.

You will tomorrow.

Should have started yesterday.

But you didn’t.

Why not?

Why not what?

What about yourself?

What about you?

Are you doing what is good for you in your life?

Am I?

Am I listening to myself?

Do I choose the easy way out?

Don’t change.

Stay the way you are.

You are beautiful.


But is it enough?

Why do you persist in defining yourself

within a media controlled society?



Why hold yourself back?

Are you afraid of succeeding?

Does it scare you?

What you are truly capable of?

Stop doing it to yourself.

Look at yourself.

All the time.

Do you like what you see?

Are you sad?


Are you happy?

So what!?

Do you feel unpolluted within yourself?

Why can’t you grow better?

Are you rooted to the spot?

Are you free?

Don’t take anything for granted.

Arrest the moment.

Do it now.



Are you too hung up with the way you are?

Do you look at yourself and want to change something?

Something within grasp.

Grapple with the self, succeed where others fail.

Don’t ignore what you know you can do.

You can do anything you want to.

Beat those demons into the ground then sing.



I want to provoke thought.

Stalking the self.

But it is empty without action.

Actions are louder, more whole than mere words.

Words are only a start.

After a thought.

Look at that start, then embrace it.

See it through.

All the way.



Do you read every word that you see?

Do you hear everything you are told?

Can you feel the effect of this on your life?

Do you believe the news?

Every word?

Or do you sift it, so you can sort it?

See the lies that be, leave the truth behind?



Is this art?

Are you art?

Do you want to be art or make art?

Is there anything else you want to be?

Can you decide?

Do you know how to make the best choice?

What is the right thing to do?

What is right?

And after that, what is left?

That which is wrong.



Do not read this.

It’s too late if you have.

Bet you can’t stop reading this now.

Told you. Didn’t I ?



Stop yourself for a moment.

Think of nothing.

Not the word nothing, but nothing in itself.

Which of course is not a thing.

In your mind.

Not a word.

In your head.

Not even a feeling.

Try it.



You know it all.

In knowing, you have a way to understanding.

You are able to process words.

So why do you insist on doing nothing about it?

Yet by knowing nothing you may stumble

Onto something truly mind boggling

And revelationary.



Are you reading this?

Do you even care about any of this?

Are you a willing partner with your position in life?

Can you stop the bombardment

of words which you are faced with

Every day?

Without going blind?

Not hear without going deaf?

To have a choice in all of this.

I don’t think so.



What to call all this?

Self questioning?

The questioning of the self?

By questioning yourself,

you are naturally questioning others.

Am I talking to myself?

Going slowly insane in my brain

so much so that I feel drained

By the amount of attention I must pay on everything.

And the world at large demands it.



I try to tell myself what to do.

It doesn’t always work.

So why should I tell you what to do?

I’m not.

I am only expressing myself like this.

On these pages.

With words.

By speaking to you.



I am a text artist.

Among other things.

I draw with words.

But then I perform with them too.

I sculpt my reality with sounds and ideas.

So am I not a writer of words

And a sculptor of space?

Then also a reader of words.

And a processor of information.

Just like you.

© Copyright 2017 Steve E Barry. All rights reserved.

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