Club Terrah

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The ordinary visit to the pub and local disco just wasn't the same anymore when rave culture came in. This dualistic monologue explores some of the ideas behind what was a new youth culture and what it means. It's like 2 people chattin' the scenario out, somewhere on the coast of London. They tell you their thoughts as the monologue unfolds.

Submitted: December 03, 2008

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Submitted: December 03, 2008



Club Terrah

A shared monologue by a man and woman. Some drum and bass heard from time to time. Dancing optional. Good, creative lighting essential.

GEEZAH: Deep in the underground, people make lots of sound.

GIRL: Sub sonic basement parties, pirate radio tunes sending out to all who will listen and then reply with an OY OY OY!

GEEZAH: OY OY OY and a shout, and a leap of joy. Riding the rip roaring story Rory, having it large on an open barge –

GIRL: Being festive out of season, celebrating life for no real reason, except to dance and to rejoice –

GEEZAH: There is no other fleeting choice. So, shake off yourself, get it sorted and join the tribe with the vibe, the Goddess mind plant of the planet.

GIRL: Re-invent yourself again.

BLOKE: Do what mate? I’d rather go dahn the pub.

GEEZAH: Local cave culture. Neanderthal man thugs, fists like jugs, they will plug you out. Strut up to the bar; get meself a nice Real Ale. While all around you Male testosterone drinking lager. Loadsamoney. Flaring nostrils, drowning personalities in the amber liquid.

GIRL: In one end – out the other. Spot the difference. GEEZAH: The distant croak of a barfly echoes briefly, unnoticed in the din of gin and smoke.

BLOKE: Where’s the party then? Out on the town, spread yourself abaht.

WOMAN: Hey, have you ever seen me dancing like, I mean, really dancin’?

GIRL: Which club we gonna go to? THAT ONE?

GEEZAH: Nah. Not that one. That’s full of ponces with hard starched stripy shirts, and their birds done up to the hilt in Saturday night make up.

BLOKE: That’s right lads, smart dress only – we need sharp bright collars, squeaky clean Italian shoes, no tasseloafers here. Painfully close shaven, bloodclots ripe marinated in Drakkar Noir. Immaculate short hair, one earring only – to the left of course.

GEEZAH: Noaa, we don’t want to go in there. Them boys are just gagging for you to make a move on their property, so they can do you on the dance floor, smash ya, bottle ya, a quick dig in the ribs with sharply pointed toe.

GIRL: He’s right, you know. The bad girls in there are just dying to have a viscous scrap for the exact same reason, ‘cept this time it’s yards of long hair ripped out, sharpened claws of nails galvanised gash great slices of dirty cowhide at eighty miles an hour.


GEEZAH: Where’s the place where you can face those dirty great bass amps kickin’ out the latest sounds of London Town? Now, that’s where the real people go to dance and no prancing like them tight collared pricks down the local cattle market. TK TK. This is the M.C. Stefski givin’ out a big shout to the London Massive. To the All Tribe from All Cultures. All who know that God is a D.J. hit the dance floor and give power to your motion. Lock on to the reverberator, take a trip on the Galactic Gyrator, and I will see you later.

GIRL: Let the drum and bass give you the space to move and groove to the wicked thrill, as you’re runnin’ up that hill havin’ a RIZLA MAJOR. Booyakka booyakka till the General has come. Just make your body move it, no need to go and abuse it.

GEEZAH: Sort it out geezer, don’t stop it till you please her. We’re talking about the Mother brother, chattin about the Planet Janet. Goddess creator, natural vibrator of the romping and stomping dirty acid techno tunes. Yah body just comin’ from behind her, yah body just comin’ from behind her.

GIRL: Join the Junglist, join the junglist, join the jongolistic style. Watch me now!

GEEZAH: Watch me now. Man he was looking at de shape and grace, he finding his girlfriend in da wicked place, he watch her now coming on nice and strong, he know that he could never ever get it wrong.

GIRL: She looking’ up at him with the angelic face, he taking her down so she can put him in his place.

GEEZAH & GIRL: Watch me now!

GODDESS: He see me now. He wants to touch me. To come close to me. His eyes I can feel hot on my skin. He the man. I want his hands on my hips, his lips on my neck. Shoulders close embrace – I feel light as the feather of the quill which wrote all those love letters to I the Goddess, the one that can hold him forever be it in womb or open arms, or legs spread wide to take his message of genetic information. Not just as woman, never just a woman.

GEEZAH: You are Mother Nature. Earth. The Planetary mind. Gaia. The original incubator of Humanity and millions dance upon my you in ecstasy. Especially on the weekends in the western world and any time of the day or night in the third world. Dancing to the flow of the rhythm of life.

GIRL: All the medicine you need is at your fingertips, beneath your feet. Dance and sing to the music in your soul. Find the song made from no words. From deep inside you. That is the song from me to you. It is your very own song, which flies on the wings of your intent to connect with me. I am your greatest audience who is always watching, never judging, always encouraging the force of life as we know it. If everyone were to make art all at the same time WORLDWIDE, there ain’t no telling what might happen. I know that it’d make me feel fabulous and that my whole becosphere would just bloom into a Garden of Eden. If only all the fighting could stop, like a pestilent disease it rears it’s ugly head and destroys what we are trying to build.

GEEZAH: Some of us actually believe that now is the pinnacle of our species as a technologically advanced civilisation. The greatest discoveries, has yet to be proved by science. You are one of those gems: Goddess, lying in wait for the time when ultimately Gaia could become Galaxia.

GODDESS: Mmm. A whole galaxy full of creativity, interconnectedness and love. As we rub shoulders with Andromeda, who is my sister in this scheme of things. Together we all extend united as one throughout the Universe. This is what some call the Great Spirit. Some call it God. But to me, God is the Man as he sees me as Goddess.

GEEZAH: I see you now glistening before me. Giving me a reason to exist. The light pure love I see in your eyes reflects deep in me the awakening. Receiving you loud and clear. On all frequencies, high and low bass watts pumping. People are jumping massive.

GODDESS: Rhythm raves to a stop.

GEEZAH: There’s a high resonant buzzing in my ears. Like a massive hive of bees. Filling me up inside with it’s power.

GODDESS: Don’t talk. Let this moment last. Speak to me in the language of dance.

GEEZAH: Still in the moment. Your hands and body heat so close, that face and your eyes - kissing mine in this gap of air between us. However wide.

GIRL: 46 hertz bass comes in a rolling, gets you right here even if you’re just strolling.

GEEZAH: Any lower and it will open your bowels, even if you can’t hear it. Then the connecting sound shunts in:

GODDESS: One long sound, building up like a siren, passing through all notes along the way.

GEEZAH: The cascading effect streams up along our spines, making way for hyperspace. Now, TAKE ME TO ANOTHER LEVEL.

GODDESS: I’ve taken you out into the ether and shown you the light of my body as it is whole. The farthest reaches of space you can feel in your mind. Now from the greatest to the smallest point of light within you. Straight to the heart and the love you have for me. Let the light fill you and move you to the rhythm of the universe. Listen to the sound of the river flowing from me to you in your eyes, shining at me, seeing me in my true state of elation as you REALLY SEE ME and recognise what your real purpose in life really is: Follow your heart – it cannot fail you. We are us – together forever never to part. You don’t have to be out of your mind to comprehend that.

GEEZAH: Yeah. You don’t really need E’s or Whiz or Coke or Crack to keep you going. Just tune into the soundscape unfolding, trancing you out, holding the coils of your being to ignite and fuse into an all encompassing flurry of flow, rhythm and expression. Following the tunes laid out by the Druid Priest D.J.Mixing and matching in perfect time, shaking up the crowd in lucid mime, dance forever – it is no crime. We’ve been doing all along! From the raging round a campfire: WA WA WA WA WA to the raving dance club room DGTSH DGTSH DGTSH.

GODDESS: Boom to that room, that sacred space, of transformation – keep the pace, dripped diamonds turn to lace, exuberant energy dowsing that place and you will never ever fall from grace.

GEEZAH: Bodies caught in the ejaculationary stance to the freeze frame flash of the strobe lit dance. Movement becomes stillness as you stand inside yourself looking out.

GODDESS: Time slows down, changes, everything rearranges. Back to that still point, which has no name. The eternal compass of love, life and strength.

GEEZAH: Then, the battle cry warning of the M.C.’s ready to put you in your place. He’s hot, he’s fast – the delivery is a mindboggling jangle of words, headwreck of speed as he feels the need for words caught moments before spoken or even thought of. Like pure floes of machine gun style, the rap a tat trill of tongue twisting in quick embrace, like a record on 78, or the gush of a waterfall so tall, that it begins in the heavens where there is no top at all.

GODDESS: Now you know the way to me – don’t forget. In that moment when you feel alone – caress the ground lightly and you will feel me there. All around you, under your feet, up in the sky, the river runs deep with love. My Rain will refresh you. I surround you on all fronts – waiting for you to notice me and embrace the reality. Then, and only then, when you succumb to inner silence as you dance, can you feel the connection to the planetary mind.

Some still shroud the light of my love with war, industrial poison and segregation – I will never forget my children. I wait patiently for the time when you all return to me. I am the source of all that is. The Mother of Humanity.

GEEZAH: I see you now and understand. Look not to the heavens when we can have it here, with you all around us. I softly caress the grass and all things natural and green. Every grain of soil I will cherish as the wheel of life turns and I hear the animals of the forest, leading me back to you, always to the Goddess worship man loves best, entwined in our naked glory. I am the wild man of the forest, the Earth god Iron John – back from his tests of courage in love and war, holding the key to your heart.

GODDESS: When our latest worldwide civilisation collapses and falls, the tribes will begin to swell again. Look to them for the answers your machines could not supply, hit the road Jack and don’t you go back to the cities for a while, ‘coz they’ll be under water again. All the tribes will travel in wagon trains again, the Shamans will show us the way back to nature and the untold mysteries stacked right next to your eyes. There is a multitude of all kinds of life here with us, right now. All our ancestors just waiting for the trance you find in the dance to enhance your life and show you there is no need for greed and the power hungry tyrants who try to slow your evolution to a crawl. May the sound of the beat and the gently stomping feet lead us back to ourselves in the Dance of Life.


© Copyright 2017 Steve E Barry. All rights reserved.

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