Some of the brighter ideas about 2013 and beyond. The re-evolution of Humanity and realizing our dreams...

If the hills were to open its caves and swallow only but a few of the minions of the human forces of control – then so be it. Forever people are showing the evidence all should see - which could convince even the most sceptical of humans. And not a moment too soon.
We have an option to give information, throw light upon subjects once hidden – now available to many, no matter how outlandish or ridiculous it may seem to others, what we each individually recognise as our own intent and belief is inseparable from the bigger picture. We all have a kind of responsibility to broaden our horizons and not look for scientific proof – but personal proof based on what we experience and feel about the dreamtime landscape and any previously unexplained events which we find corroborative information via research into non-fiction, anthropology and alternative points of perspective.
If you wish to live in the countries and within the boundaries of what is recognised by society, media and religion, without question - then there is little hope for the broadening of the mind to make people aware of agendas alternative and hidden from standard curricular information, this is not for you. You’re not ready. Unless you wish to take a step and see what it’s like to be in more than one reality.
There is a chance to recognise the greater self. There is so many possibilities of existence and the harnessing of imaginal power through creativity and intent. And what can feasibly be accomplished within a group consciousness. All we need is five percent of the global population to have the same re-evolution toward Gaian consciousness of Love, Gratitude, Peace and Information; and the Truth will spread like wildfire in every human on this magnificent planet.
A virtually imaginal realm of the power of the mind ruled by Heart.
Psycho kinetic discovery of latent forces available to everyone.
Inside every body there is electricity, energy and the ability to intend this response to the powers that be that we are one people, one planet and choose the Harmony of Nature above the New World Order. This way is the only guarantee to reclaim ownership of the planet back to us, herself: Gaia.
Overthrow the overlordship and centralise all realities and dimensional states of being to the same frequency. Whether its just dreaming and awake or up to and probably more than six hundred as counted by shamans ancient and new.
But lets be more down to earth about this. There is vision within when dreaming or in trance like states, when we are not bombarding ourselves with multiple images from the media or in the world at large. The moment at which you are neither fully awake nor asleep. Meditative. Still. Not doing anything. This is a naturally hypnogogic state of which we have access to. Visualisation of psychoactivated imagery of which we brush the surface. We can skim the glory of inner silence and see the flow of life, changing and transforming, fluctuating and conjoining into the interconnected vibration of life surrounding us, and part of us.
Then we see something which is not tangible. It does not fit into our static idea of the world and what we’ve been told is supposedly truth. What we have no-names for. Beyond the descriptive ability of language and growing hoard of words. But there is always a truth closer to the truth. Or there are many alternative truths. Which lead to the same truth.
Which make up the whole truth. Nothing but the truth.
So here we are with ourselves and others evolving to see a new way of thinking and experiencing the endangered world on which we inhabit and must learn to see in all the facets of it’s glory and the dimensions and areas we are about to take a step into. And attempt an understanding at how change works with the onslaught of technological revolution and the expansion and exploration of the space inside and outside of what is the Human Psyche.
Very exciting time to be here. Now. Let us Love the Planet together. Spread the wings of intent to the farthest reaches of the world and give Her a hug. Embrace Gaia before you leave it, that is if you’re going some place else in the future…

Submitted: September 25, 2010

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