A cold winter wind

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Time passage. Coming to terms with changes.

Submitted: November 28, 2013

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Submitted: November 28, 2013



A cold winter wind is blowing that cuts like a knife.

The changes I have been through and times in my life.

When looking behind me, I still see where I have been.

A past filled with faces, places, and momories of them,


Those days have past now.

These days will pass too.

Today is the day I must live in,

still, I know this is true.


Now comes the time to start over and rebuild again.

Guess sometimes you loose, but, sometimes you win?

So, while looking before me I see what may be,

The leaves are now gone, a bittersweet memory.


Snow blows across brown frozen grass covered ground. 

This day is cold now and it is lonely, there is no one around.

Wind blows through the branches of ice covered trees.

A future past autumn, past the falling of leaves.


There's a cold north wind howling and I'm chilled to the bone,

It's cold and it is lonely it seems time will not let me go home. 

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