Escape to Earth

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Captives on another world.

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013



Gary awoke to the sound of running water then spash then the running water again over and over. As he sat up he glared at the old man filling his cup then dumping it out repeatedly.

"What in the hell are you doing Butch!?" Gary demanded.

As their eyes met the old man had his usual snide smirk on his face. "Oh! Did I wake your lazy ass?"

Gary mutteded "Dumb ass." as he walked to the rest room.

The tension between the two was spiking again. Gary was a teenager of sixteen year old that could remember Butch treating him two other boy bad all his life. Butch was a man in his eighties now, that hated the teenagers and took enjoyment in tormenting them. They all lived in a housing complex which had a large clear glass like wall to what seemed to be to the south. Outside the gaint terrarium was liquid that they called the ocean where creatures, they called fish, that swam by and looked in to watch them constantly.It had been this way as long as Gary could remember. Two old men and three old women razed the the kids into teenagers, all together there were thirty teenagers in the complex. The old men Butch and Jamell seemed to dislike twelve of the boys but Jamell didn't hound them like Butch.

Carrie called all of the kids her babies because she raized them, as did Butch and Jamell and the other two women Ruth and Clair. Unlike the men Carrie treated them all very good and stuck up for them but she seemed favor the fifteen girls over the fifteen boys. Some of the boy and girls had paired up now and there are a few babies. Many of the girls had dated Butch and Janell when they were twelve and thirteen and some still were, and there were babies from that too. Now many of the teenage guys have had a problem with the dating situation. Gary had always as did most of the kids call Carrie Mom. but they all called Butch and Jamell by there names.

"Hey Gary." was a soft voice he knew it was Krissy, they were kind of together, but she was still seeing Butch also. Krissy said it was nothing but still she wasn't with very Gary often, and he could smell Butch on her when she was and didn't like it.

"Hey, Krissy." he smiled as she wrapped her arms around him and reached to give him a kiss. As their lips touched he recoiled away from her. "What are you doing here?" he asked as he smelled her breath smelled like Butch.

"Hey I came here to see you. Why don't you trust me? It was nothing." she said condecendingly as if he were a child.

"Go back to your man!" he snapped at her as he saw Butch walking up behind her. Butch wrapped his arm around her waste as he got to her and pulled her back away from Gary. The look of victory and demeaning was all over Butches face.

"Come on sweaty you don't need this joker. I'll give you some more loven baby." he said she started to pull away but soon gave in and left with Butch. Gary hated him as a cold tremor surged through his very soul. Still he did not follow or even say anything. After they were gone he thought about kicking his old ass, but the years as a kid growing up still stopped him..

Everybody was at the dining hall when Gary got there so he sat with his friends Travis and Bill. He found himself staring at his plate and not talking much. Hatered filled his very soul as he toyed with his food.

"What's up? Bill asked him.

"Nothing." he mumbled.

"Like hell. Travis said softly. "Krissy or that old Fucker again?"

"Both of them. Mainly that old Asswhole!" Garys voice was razed now, then he looked around the room then shook his head. He saw her looking at him from across the room. As long as he could remember Krissy she always has watching him since they were little. Things changed when Butch took interest in the girls, but that was just the way it was. The elder five sometimes talked about before, before they were brought to this place. The ones that are teenagers now were just babies and had no memories of the world before this, this was all they ever knew.

There had been a war or maybe an extermination, but some of the defeated were brought here and kept in these terraniums in the ocean. Through the glass you could see other terraniums as far as the could see, all with other life in them. Jamell had said the creatures were called animals in there world, but not all of them were from the same world. There were animals in this terrarium called livestock and plants to eat, some with fruits and vegetables too. Enough food was here to sustain the occupants indefinintely, still Many of the younger had many questions. They question of the world they had been brought here from.

Waking from the dinning hall Bill and Travis laught at the comments they made about the elder five while Gary watched Ruth staring at them. He wandered if she had heard Bill calling her an old bitch or Travis talking about the others. Her eyes seemed fixed on Bill with an icy cold stare, he thought she must have. gary coughed and pushed Bill.

"Hey!" Bill said as he looked at Gary point with his eyes. They all looked at Ruth and stopped talking and laughed amongst themselves as they walked. Ruth often tried to clean up the way they talk with all the profanity and cursing by saying thing like "Fowl language it just a weak minds way trying to assert it's self forcefully.", but it only drew out more of the same. She on several occations talked about studing to be a teacher back on the old world before the war when they were little. Ruth taught all of the kids to read and some math and even a little history. As Gary looked at her his mind raced with questions about the old world.

Morning came early or at least seemed to, as Gary crawled out of bed. While walking to the dinning hall he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder. Smiling as he turned to see Krissy he was shocked it was Ruths hand now firmly holding his shoulder. "Gary we need to talk." Ruth said firmly, yet almost to soft to hear. "Come with me." as she led him down the coridor to her apartment. Never letting her grip loosen she led him to then through the door locking it behind them. The more he pulled away the tighter her grip became until her other hand pulled his other shoulder closer as she backed him to the wall her hand cradeled the back of his head grasping a handfull of hair. Her warm body was pressed up against him as she looked into his eyes she pulled his lips to hers. Closing his eyes he tried to remember her auburn colored hair before it turned grey then white, her eye were once clear and green now they looked cloudy and grey. When he opened his eyes all he could see was the time that had past since she first took him as a boy. Still he did not leave.

Laying on the floor he could feel her eyes study his face as he looked up at the ceiling as a smile came across his face.

"What?" Ruth asked trying to understand. Still silent Gary turn to her deep in thought. "What are you thinking about?" She repeated her self now sounding a little irritated.

"Nothing much."

She shock her head and crawled to her feet using the couch to pull her self up. Gary. "You need to leave now!" she snapped.

Smiling while not looking at her directly as if nothing had happened he continued "What was it like before we were brought here?"

"What in the hell are you talking about, now?!" Ruth lashed back at him.

Still without any recognition Gary questioned "Where did the fish take us from? Why? and what was our planet like?"

"Why in the hell does that matter? Who cares they're all dead! Who cares?" was Ruths responce to the questions.

"We end here." he said as he walked to the door.

"Stop! What do you mean we end here?! You don't end anything!" she screamed, but it didn't even slow him down. "Stop! Please stop..."

Standing at the door Gary looked back at her not saying anything.

"OK! Ok. Well there were so many people. There were people everywhere. Billions of people, millions living in cities everywhere. Roads and cars, railways, ships, and jets even spacecrafts that traveled in the solar system. There were factories, stores, restaurants, schools..." Gary asked many questions and she tried to answer them all as tears steamed down her age weathered face. "Giant rectangular cubes and triangular one too apeared in the solar system then filled the earths skies, soon all power was terminated then sonic percussion explossions systematicly started blasting everything. Cities crumbled into rubble a fire storm swept around the world.". Hours past as they talked.

  Walking home past the glass wall Gary looked into the trraslucent violet ocean through the glass thinking of the conversation. Ruth had said when they first were brought here she was in her early forties and there was a young scientist with her that died soon after they arrived. He had said the waters here had a much elevated amonts of minerals such as cordierite, halite, manganese, cobalt than iron like on earth. Ruth said earths water was translucent blue or blue green, that would have been something to see Gary thought. What about the sky?" he had asked Ruth. "They were Blues violet, red and orange with blillowing white and gray clouds floating in the distance." she had told him. That was not like here, he thought of the upper levels where one could see where the ocean turned to a bright white hazy fog with blinding flashes, that they called lightning or static discharges. Ruth had said her freind Randy the scientist said that the atmosphere had high levels of mercury, sodium and phosphors gasses here, that is why it is so bright. He had come to the hallway that led to the glass platform tubes that took you to the upper levels. Gary stopped and looked down the hallway when he thought he heard a woman scream.

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