Stick Insect Dreams

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A short poem/rhyming story for children.

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012



High in the tree tops at the end of a branch

a stick insect stood busy eating his lunch.


He rocked and he swayed like a twig in the breeze

and gazed in awe at the forest of trees.




He’d lived in the tree since hatching from his egg.

Exploring the leaves on his six thin stick legs.


But swaying and munching on juicy green leaves

gave him time to ponder and dream his big dreams.




He dreamed that one day he might fly like a bird

soaring and gliding all over the world.


But his legs were too thin and they couldn’t flap

and if he crashed to the earth they would surely snap.




Then came the day that he would shed his skin.

He’d grown so much it was too tight to fit in.


He dangled and wriggled. His antennae all twitchy.

Slipped off the old skin which he’d found rather itchy.




Exhausted but happy asleep he did fall.

Until he was awoken by the strangest of calls.


‘Ow!, Aaargghh!’ he heard from way above

when there landed beside him a small piece of wood.




A thin woody stick, dropped by a passing crow.

But then the stick smiled,to his surprise, and said ‘Hello!’


The twig then unfolded, slowly, limb by limb.

A wobbly stick insect who looked just like him!




‘What a relief to see you’ the new insect said.

‘I would have been eaten if I hadn’t played dead’


And so the two insects soon were great friends

sharing their leaves right down to the ends.




One day they awoke as the sun was just dawning.

A lizard in the tree, looking for food, send warning!


All manner of bugs were running in fear.

As the hungry, mean lizard came ever so near.




The two stick insects were trapped with no escape.

The lizard was upon them and soon they’d be ate!


Onto the tip of the branch the two friends did cling

Then lept into the breeze and found they had wings.







© Copyright 2019 Steve Mack. All rights reserved.

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