In This Room

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This is sort of a poem story. Not quite a poem, not quite a short story. It was kind of an experiment and I'm not sure it turned out the way I wanted it to, but I felt that I should share it anyways.

Submitted: May 29, 2008

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Submitted: May 29, 2008



In this room
I awake
All alone
The only light
Comes from above
Barely illuminating
Way up high
Humid is the air
Moist are the walls
Their rusting orange barriers
Surrounding me
In this corner I sit
Contemplating the Stygian figure
It stands above me
Filling me with fear
Though I do not know why
An acrid scent permeates my nostrils
The salty sweat drips from my skin
If only I knew where I was
If only I knew what I was
Am I really alone
Is this even real
Is this a dream
A nightmare
It can't be
It's real
My fist pounds the wall
If only to feel
The pain envelopes my senses
It must be real
Pit of my stomach
The fear sinks deeper
Where am I
Who am I
What am I
I scream
But no sound
There is no voice
Just a void
My fear turns to panic
I must leave this place
Is there a way out
There must be
Desperate hope
I try to stand
It is difficult
The light is so dim
I cannot see the legs that struggle
Propped up against the wall
I grope at it
Bleeding of rust against my hand
There must be a way out
There has to be
As I stumble along the wall
I feel for anything
Anything that signifies escape
No door
No vent
No weaknesses
It takes little time to survey
The room is smaller than initially thought
Claustrophobia mixed with despair
What am I to do
With no voice how can I get help
The only point of hope
comes from the little illumination above
But I fear the figure
The figure that passes every so often
Without reason it casts a dark fear upon my soul
Slouching to floor
I sit back in the corner
Between my knees I rest my head
Overwhelming sadness
Tears drip from my eyes
A cry should be heard
Still no sound
Why am I here
Why can't I remember
Nothing reverberates from my mind
Simply the present
The now
How did I get here
Nothing makes sense
I just want answers
I yearn to know
But there's nothing
Blacknesses surrounds my mind
As I fade
I wonder
Will I awake here

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