The Secrets of Shackleton Grange

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Deep in the heart of rural Suffolk sits a secluded mansion house; the subject of numerous rumours and tales of strange goings-on.
Into this environment, three women are drawn. They have never met, but their paths are destined to converge, and their lives become inextricably entangled with...The Secrets of Shackleton Grange....

Table of Contents

Cathy the Cat Burglar

Cathy scaled the perimeter wall and momentarily sat atop the high brick structure. Her eyes swiftly scanned the landscape in front of her... Read Chapter

Kangaroo Court

To say that Cathy’s mind was in a state of turbulence would have been an understatement. With her future a complete unknown, the stri... Read Chapter

Horse Play

After what seemed like several hours, during which Cathy had no option but to remain in immovable stasis, the sound of several sets of ... Read Chapter

The Crypt

When she came to, Cathy found herself lying in the recovery position on the grass. For a second or two she forgot where she was and tried... Read Chapter

Conflicting Emotions

“Just where do you think you’re going young lady?” Less than two yards away, leaning against the wall, stood Dolores. Cathy fro... Read Chapter

Bethany the Novice

Bethany leant back in her seat and gazed out at the rolling Suffolk countrywide. The gently undulating fields, the farmhouses, the pict... Read Chapter

An Evening of Discovery

As Bethany entered the room, the soft hubbub of conversation died down, and all heads turned in the direction of the newcomer. She paus... Read Chapter

A Shared Experience

Dolores took two steps forward, her shadow looming large over the two figures hunched in the dark corner of the room; one entirely coco... Read Chapter

Ice and Fire

For Cathy, the last twenty four hours or so had been a rollercoaster ride that had risen skywards and plunged the absolute depths betwe... Read Chapter

The Hunt

Bethany’s return to consciousness coincided with a ripping sound that seemed to have its origins very close at hand. Opening her eyes... Read Chapter

Strung Up, Bogged Down and Hung Out to Dry

Bethany reluctantly hobbled away from Cathy as swiftly as her leg-irons would allow, taking the narrow but well defined pathway deeper ... Read Chapter

The Training Room

Cathy shut her eyes, curled up into as tight a ball as she could manage, took one last deep breath and prepared herself for the searing... Read Chapter

And So to Sleep

Cathy looked across to the doorway and her heart sank. Time seemed to freeze. If fear had been a marketable commodity, she could have m... Read Chapter

The Wheel and the Well

Bethany’s journey out of enforced sedation was a harrowing process. Initially resting in a dreamless, artificially induced state of d... Read Chapter

A Plethora of Tortures

The almost inaudible flutter of what seemed like a thousand candle flames; the soft plopping sound as a drop of molten wax fell to the ... Read Chapter

Saskia the Amateur Sleuth

Saskia checked the CCTV footage for what must have been the hundredth time. Although the image wasn’t crystal clear, she was convince... Read Chapter

The Party

A short series of slaps to the face was the catalyst that brought Saskia back into consciousness. These blows weren’t particularly ha... Read Chapter

A Clearer View of Things

When Cathy again saw daylight after the conclusion of the ordeal she and Bethany had shared in the cellar, it was obviously late aftern... Read Chapter

The Padded Cell

There is a quote, often attributed to Albert Einstein (although there is some dispute over its provenance), which states that the defin... Read Chapter

The Training Room - Revisited

Monday morning saw Cathy visiting the room with the three TV screens and high backed metal chairs for the second time. In contrast to h... Read Chapter

Saskia's Unexpected Discovery

With great difficulty, Saskia propelled herself, caterpillar fashion, across the floor of her padded prison. Reaching a corner of the r... Read Chapter

Dolores' Little Secret

Dolores entered her spacious boudoir and closed the door behind her. To ensure that she received no uninvited visitors for the next hou... Read Chapter

Saskia's Plans Take Shape

Saskia walked out into the hallway directly outside Dolores’ apartments, her mind reeling from the discovery she’d just made and ... Read Chapter

A Shift in the Balance of Power

What do you think would happen if, after having been kept tied up by their host for days on end, humiliated and scared out of their wit... Read Chapter

Dolores Alone

Shackleton Grange basked in the shimmering heat of a languid spring afternoon; those ancient towers and spires standing proud against t... Read Chapter

A Taste of Her Own Medicine

It had taken Bethany a few seconds to cotton on to what Saskia had in mind. The latter’s instruction to the zombie-like servant to ti... Read Chapter

The Dawning of a New Era

Saskia watched as the car advanced slowly up the driveway; the sound of gravel crackling beneath tyres disturbing the stillness of the ... Read Chapter

Tying Up a Few Loose Ends

A surreal atmosphere hung over the ancient mansion house that Tuesday morning. As the rising sun did its best to burn off the early mor... Read Chapter


A sense of peace now rests over Shackleton Grange. The three mute retainers go about their daily chores with a minimum of fuss, making ... Read Chapter